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Youssouf Fofana Objective Players Now Live – EA FC 24 Live SBC/Evolution Guide

It’s been a dramatic week in the Euros with the hosts, Germany, being knocked out of the tournament. This means that a ton of Ea FC 24 cards will not receive live upgrades anymore. Because of this, players expect German live cards to drop in prices heavily. In this post, we’ll cover everything that’s been introduced into the game as content and an Objective players to look out for in the upcoming promos.

Also, If you’re looking for higher-rated pack guarantees, there are some excellent options such as the 874 and the 87 double packs. Inside the Festival of Football Cup, you’ll find 87 double and 87 triple packs, some of the best EA dropped yesterday. To play this cup mode, you need to score 15, play 10, and win 12 matches. Although there’s no XP inside it, it’s a great chance to earn some big packs for the PTGs available.

Key Objective: Youssouf Fofana from France

One objective to note is Youssouf Fofana from France. He just got upgraded, offering an additional 500 XP for completing two objectives. The card received an additional play style plus and a plus one rating overall. This upgrade followed France’s third win in the Euros and their semi-final victory against Portugal in penalties. This card also fits into the EVO that was dropped yesterday.

Best EVO Card: Euro Glory Evo

The Euro Glory Evo is an excellent fit for this new EVO card. It’s ideal for upgrading some PTG cards that are no longer live. This EVO is particularly good for players like Niclas Füllkrug and Fofana. The EVO offers a +2 in pace and shooting categories and a +1 in every other stat. This card is already impressive before the upgrade, making it a valuable asset for a 45,000-coin Striker.

Upgrading Fana through the EVO gives you a chance at a highly rated card, as it is still live and upgrading. Fana’s stats after the upgrade are impressive: 95 Pace, 94 Shooting, 94 Passing, and 95 Physicality. To upgrade Fana, you need to play three rivals or champs matches, totaling nine games. This is a good investment for a free objective card that gives XP.

Other players like Akanji, Matheus Nunes, and Vlahovic also fit well into this EVO. Vlahovic is particularly popular, with his card going up in the market due to his impressive stats. However, be mindful of the market trends as some cards like F Krug and Matias Nunes could have had higher ratings if their teams had won. There’s still potential with Akane if Switzerland wins, potentially boosting his card to a 95 rating.

EA FC 24 Live SBCs and Market Value

Speaking of SBCs, Friday’s EA FC 24 Live content was relatively quiet. The player SBC featured Dogo Jota, a good card with technical finesse, but no longer live and not upgrading. This makes it less appealing for its 800,000-coin price tag unless you have a personal connection to it.

The 80+3 Best of Nations upgrade is worth mentioning. If you’re not satisfied with the 81+ player pick, try these upgrades limited to Spain, France, Germany, England, or Brazil. They offer more cards but with a limited player pool.


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