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Wuthering Waves COMPLETE Yinlin Materials

Hello there Wuthering Waves warriors! Got Electro fighter Yinlin on your team? Yinlin is a powerhouse – however, ascending in Wuthering Waves can be a bit of a head-scratcher. Fear not! This guidebook will be here to be your ultimate cheat sheet. We’ll explain exactly where to locate all the Whisperin’ Cores, Coriolus, and Helixes that you need to Ascend Yinlin and unleash her potential. Now, let’s talk about Yinlin and her materials in detail in Wuthering Waves!

Who is Yinlin?

Yinlin is a former Jinzhou Patroller with a stable work ethic and fiery temperament. Once she was dismissed from her role in the Public Security Bureau, she started pursuing crime in secret.  Yinlin is a shockingly great Electro fighter! This old rulebreaker zaps opponents from afar using electric puppets which mark them for additional damage. 

Imagine getting a mini lightning show each time you strike! Based on the way you teach her, Yinlin could be your backup damager or your main electrical powerhouse. We will look at how to buy her very tough materials, what her techniques are, and also how to prep her for battle.

Yinlin Ascension Materials

Wuthering Waves does not simply level characters up. You also have to climb them – this means boosting their level cap with particular substances – based on the character. Level caps rise from twenty initially, to ten afterwards. You must climb up to level 20, 70, 60, 50, 40, and 80. The top level would be ninety.

These are the components you need to raise Yinlin to Level 90:

    • 4 LF Whisperin Core
    • 12 MF Whisperin Core
    • Whisperin Core: 12 HF
    • 2 FF Whisperin Core
    • 46 Group Abomination Tacet Core
    • Sixty Coriolus
    • 170,000 Shell Credits 

Whisperin Cores from “Whisperin” style heroes including Junrocks, Zip Zaps, Snip Snaps, Autopuppet Scouts, Warriors, Predators, etcetera. You can search for Echoes which drop Whisperin Cores underneath the Echo Hunting area of your Guidebook. Lower rarity Whisperin Cores could be fusing right into higher level ones through a Synthesizer.

Group Abomination Tacet Cores drop from Mech Abomination Weekly Boss in Court of Savantae Ruins in Whining Aix’s Mire. Its distinctive feature is southeast of Jinzhou. 

Coriolus grows within the Dim Forest zone of the Forbidden Forest and around the “island” of the Great Banyan on which the Feilian Beringal lived. The flowers trace the land along the water.

Yinlin’s Forte Materials

Make sure you gather these Forte materials to maximize ALL of Yinlin’s abilities:

    • 25 LF Whisperin Core
    • 28 MF Whisperin Core
    • Whisperin Core 40 HF
    • 57 FF Howler Core
    • 25 Lento Helix
    • 28 Adagio Helilx XIII
    • 55 Andante Helix
    • 67 Presto Helix
    • 26 Unjustified Feathers

20,300,000 Shell Credits Helixes originated from the Forgery Challenge – Misty Forest domain west of the Sea of Flames and Forbidden Forest on the map. It includes one Resonance Beacon in the nearby Dim Forest.

Yinlin’s Weekly Boss drop from CBT reported materials lists is called Unwarranted Feather. However, given just how similar it appears to the Dreamless Feather now in the game, many players think it was mistranslated or alternated just before launch. In case Unwarranted Feather truly was the fall name, then simply Wuthering Waves would not exist in this particular edition.

Dreamless Feathers originate from the Statue of the Crownless Heart Weekly Boss, which you simply unlock after finishing Huanglong Chapter 1: Act 6.


Congratulations! You have perfected this guide and know just where to obtain those Ascension books for Yinlin. Your electric queen has her army – ready with a backpack full of Whisperin’ Cores, Helixes, and Coriolus. As they say in practice, continue playing with Yinlin and experimenting to discover what type of battle style you choose. So go out there and demonstrate to Wuthering Waves what a really Ascended Yinlin is capable of doing!

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