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Wuthering Waves: COMPLETE Encore Build

Wuthering Waves (WuWa) space cadets, this guide delves into essential details about Encore, a five-star Rectifier-wielding character dealing Fusion damage. Navigate the vast WuWa universe with our comprehensive map. We’ll explore Encore’s optimal builds, team compositions, and gear selections. Prepare for the ultimate Wuthering Waves Encore Build guide!

BEST Weapons by Encore

These are some of the BEST weapons used by Encore. 

  • Cosmic Ripples – This weapon accelerates her Resonance Liberation, amplifies her Basic Attack DMG, and boosts her ATK. It suits her perfectly because she endures maximum damage during Liberation phase.
  • Augment – This Augment increases ATK by 15% post-Resonance Liberation and enhances Crit Rate.
  • Jinzhou Keeper – If you go into the battlefield by utilizing Encore’s Intro skill, it elevates ATK and HP. Multiple syntonizations maximize its effectiveness.
  • Guardian Rectifier – If other options are unavailable, employ a fully syntonized Guardian Rectifier for immediate Basic and Heavy attack DMG boosts.

Echo Guide

Wuthering Waves demands strategic echo and set choices for each character, especially DPS units like Encore. Her optimal setup is straightforward.cChoose Inferno Rider as your primary echo and equip the Molten Rift set. Initially, use two-piece Molten Rift and two-piece Lingering Tunes, but transition to full Molten Rift ASAP.

Suitable Members for Encore

  • Verina or Baizhi – These characters serve as quintessential supports for every DPS in Wuthering Waves, including Encore. They provide substantial buffs and often deliver constant healing to optimize damage output.
  • Taoqi – Beyond team sustainability, Taoqi enhances Encore’s performance by boosting her Resonance Skill DMG. This buff significantly amplifies Encore’s base kit, which already deals substantial damage.
  • Mortefi – If you favor Encore’s Special Heavy Attack utilizing the Mayhem bar, consider pairing her with Mortefi. Mortefi amplifies heavy attack DMG, enhancing Encore’s burst damage potential.
  • Yangyang – Finally, in case you would like Encore’s Liberation returned ASAP, in this case, Yangyang is your guy.

Encore Forte Priority

As a primary DPS, Encore demands substantial resources for her forte upgrades. Prioritize her abilities strategically, but ultimately aim to enhance all. Begin with Resonance Liberation, the pinnacle of her damage output. Follow with Forte Circuit, Resonance Skill, and Basic Attack to bolster her overall performance. Lastly, allocate resources to upgrade her Intro Skill. Swiftly unlock stat nodes and Inherent Skill for immediate power boosts!


Wuthering Waves has just become easier to defeat the enemies with Encore! From her best weapons (think space bombs!) to the way to construct her best team, we hope this guidebook helped you. Let us know your thoughts about Encore in the comments down below.

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