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Wayne Rooney Live SBC Is Out Now! – Will Icon SBCs Outshine Every Other Promo?

EA has dropped new icons into the game with live upgrades. The addition of live upgrades is very unique to FC 24. With the Euros and Copa America in full flow, players can expect a boost in their squad by packing 95+ rated icon players. New icon SBCs have also made their way into the game, including the likes of Wayne Rooney. This post will look into everything needed to unpack as many icon players and meet all the fodder requirements to complete various challenges and SBCs.

Icon SBC and Pack Grinds

The content dropped yesterday has significantly affected the market, with prices crashing due to the high-quality content. The unlimited pack grind that EA has given to chase these players is another exciting addition. There are a couple of really good objectives, though none are better than the crafting objective, which requires 160 completions.

Look at the SBC and discuss the unlimited pack grind mentioned earlier. Although it requires many completions, it’s available for 20 days, making it easy to complete over time. There are some excellent packs at the end of the objective, including an 83×20, an 87×4, and an 85×7. The goal is to complete this during the week-long icon promo.

New SBC Objectives and ICON Rewards

For this week’s Icon SBC, Allan Shearer, a live card for England with four-star skills and five-star weak foot. He has only three play style pluses, unlike some icons and heroes with four, which makes their upgrades interesting. Despite this, it’s a solid card, easy to obtain, and fun to use. Additionally, there is a daily play objective with better rewards than previous ones. This time, you get loan versions of players currently in packs, like Rui Costa, which could be helpful for the Portuguese weekend league.

Another notable addition is the Xabi Alonso card available at nine completions. This card allows unlimited use until July 17th, rather than being match-limited. This time loan concept was seen during PTG, and it’s a great feature. Yesterday also brought an XP objective, requiring you to score at least one goal per match using a Brazilian player in six separate wins in any game mode. While a bit challenging, it offers decent XP to progress in the season.

Icon Evolutions

Let’s talk about evolutions. Unlike earlier in the year when icon evos were disappointing, this new icon evo is worth it. For 100,000 coins, upgrade a base icon to legendary status. Although not every icon fits, the ones that do become incredible. For example, Thierry Henry got an amazing card. If you have base icons like Ronaldinho, this Evo is a great deal, costing about 1.7 million coins in total, including the SBC.

Crafting Objective Grind

The Festival of Football crafting objective is a significant addition. It offers a 77×5 rare gold players pack. You need to submit one rare and 11 gold commons. This is similar to last week’s 81+ player picks. The strategy is to recycle your gold rares and commons into this upgrade, continually feeding the crafting objective. For higher-rated players, put them into the 83+ Team of the Week player pick to ease the grind for future SBCs.

Last week, some notable SBCs appeared, including Wayne Rooney. His SBC costs 1.8 million coins, but the card looks incredible. With 97 pace, 96 shooting, and four play style pluses, it’s a valuable addition. However, its price is high compared to similar cards on the market, likely due to anticipated upgrades if England performs well.

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