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Valorant Roster Changes Kick In as Season Ends for Majority of Teams

With the majority of the teams done for the season, many Valorant  roster changes have already kicked in. NRG and Evil Geniuses are the organizations with the most rumors this week. NRG coach Chet is rumored to be returning to Counter-Strike, and Potter from EG might replace him. Let’s look into everything that’s been heating up from the rostermania front this week.

Global Esports Valorant Roster Changes

First, on the Valorant Roster mania, it’s essential to discuss Global Esports. They started better this season but began to fall away. As their coach Spin mentioned, “We didn’t achieve the goals; the bug stops with me.” He felt it was necessary to resign from his post as head coach. It’s likely he resigned before being pushed out, considering the underwhelming performance of Global Esports over the past couple of years. Their founder confirms that they have only parted ways with the coaching staff so far, but it looks likely they will part ways with much of the roster.

The same applies to some degree with Warbird on Team Secrets, who will become a free agent going into the 2025 season. The other big roster news from yesterday involved Primy at Talon Esports. Talon is still alive and heading into the playoffs, bringing in Primy with a 2026 contract. This move seems risky, bringing in a relatively new player. However, Talon Esports sees significant potential in him. The announcement was leaked by the Valorant page, forcing Talon to announce it officially. The coach, Malaysian Fed, likened Primy’s entry to LeBron joining the Cavs in 2003, suggesting a major impact on VCT.

Talon Esports and  PRX  Valorant Roster Updates

Recent highlights from Primmie show his impressive skill, with consistent headshots and high sensitivity gameplay. Talon has had their eyes on him for a while and brought him in just before the playoffs. His gameplay features unique snap aiming, making him a valuable addition to the team. However, this comes with pressure as Talon faces Team Secret in a knockout game soon. The player change indicates high stakes, with the potential to reshape Talon’s trajectory.

Jing has extended his contract with Paper Rex, joining Forsaken with a 2026 deal. Other teammates have contracts extending to 2024 and 2025. Their continued performance will likely influence future decisions.

The Chinese region regular season concluded, with FBX and Edward Gaming in the upper semi-finals. Upcoming matches include Trace vs. All Gamers and JDG vs. Billy Billy Gaming. Edward and FBX are already qualified for the World Championship, with enough points to secure their spots. The Chinese region is known for surprises, making predictions difficult.

EMA and North American Challenger Updates

In EMA, Foy Sports defeated Giantex 2-0, with upcoming matches featuring prominent teams like Fnatic, Liquid, and Vitality. The Fnatic vs. Liquid match is particularly anticipated. In North America, Ethan expressed frustration over the season’s length, but Ascension provides a new opportunity. Dark Zero, previously undefeated, lost to the Fluffy Aers. The regular season’s remaining games will determine playoff and Ascension qualifications.

Potter and Evil Geniuses’ Future

Potter’s situation with Evil Geniuses is notable. Their recent defeat to 100 Thieves ended their season, preventing them from reaching Champions. Despite losing key players, Potter’s coaching impressed many. She aims to continue improving rosters, whether with Evil Geniuses or another team. Speculation surrounds her potential move to NRG, where she could reunite with Ethan and Demon1. NRG’s roster changes, including coach Chet potentially leaving for Counter-Strike, create a scenario where Potter could bring in the change they need.

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