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Valorant Reyna Update: Everything You Need To Know

Valorant Patch 8.11 looks like a large update as compared to the previous patches. Riot Games has revealed some of the changes that it will be making to some of our favorite agents, including Reyna. Before we dive into her nerfs and buffs, we have to learn about this character. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the updates! 

Who is Reyna?

Reyna is one of those Valorant agents who strike fear into enemies’ hearts. This fierce duelist dominates the battlefield with every takedown. Unlike many agents, Reyna’s powers grow with her accomplishments. A brief soul orb appears whenever she kills a rival. Reyna can just gather these orbs to unlock specific abilities. One orb could make her immediately heal, yet another could make her invisible – transforming her right into a battlefield lethal phantom. 

However, Reyna’s tenacity is a mixed good thing. She really needs an experienced player to release her full potential. You will have to become an aim and elimination master to help keep her buffs lively and take the battle too, making Reyna an excellent skill-cap agent for innovative Valorant players.

Reyna’s Strengths

  • Self-Sufficient: While Reyna does not require teammates as much as some characters do, she heals herself. 
  • Snowball Potential: Getting early kills with Reyna makes her a real force to reckon with. Each kill fuels her powers, making her stronger throughout the round.
  • Surprise Attacks: Her invisibility allows her to snatch enemies off guard before they realize what struck them.


  • Devour (Soul Orb): A short spirit orb appears when Reyna kills an adversary. This particular orb may be gathered by her to heal herself.
  • Dismiss (Soul Orb): Obtaining a soul orb likewise gives Reyna a short period of invisibility – ideal for sneaking up on opponents to carry out unexpected attacks.
  • Leer (Eye): This particular ability casts a ghostly eye that blinds anybody it touches. It’s perfect for searching a region or even following adversaries.
  • Empress (Ultimate): Reyna’s ultimate makes opponents vulnerable to her gunfire after she kills them. This enables her to possibly snowball her lead and also dispatch several adversaries in a row.

Recall Reyna’s a high-risk, high-reward agent. Her strengths require kills to activate her skills. She could be a dominating force when you can aim and make dangerous plays. Though she might not be for you in case you struggle to score kills in the beginning.

Valorant Reyna Update

She might not receive an enormous power increase, however, her capabilities are receiving a tweak which ought to help her be a little less dominant in battle. However, her signature healing skill “Devour” is getting nerfed. 

This can now heal for 50 health rather than 100 though the reward is the fact that healing occurs two times as quickly (2seconds rather than 3seconds). However, any additional health obtained through armor (overheal) won’t decompose anymore. 

It appears Reyna’s invisible power “Dismiss” is also getting just a little boost. So now she is going to travel quicker while invisible (12 m/s versus 9.1 m/s). It is somewhat a longer time than before (11.5 seconds). This enables her to move around better and also surprise opponents. 

Earlier Reyna’s main “Empress” had a timer that made her opponents vulnerable to her gunfire following a death. Now Empress lives indefinitely unless Reyna dies or the round ends. This could be rather potent when handled correctly.


With Valorant getting new updates and its agents getting all the nerfs and buffs, things are looking great for Valorant players. That concludes Valorant Reyna’s update, do let us know your thoughts about this skillful agent in the comments down below!


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