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Valorant Patch 8.11: Major Update Focused on Duelists (Neon Buffed, Raze Nerfed)

Valorant Patch 8.11 is arguably the most significant update Riot Games has rolled out in recent times. The developers have confirmed their focus on duelists throughout this year. With agents like Raze being overpicked despite previous nerfs, Riot has decided to implement further adjustments. This patch not only nerfs Raze but also improves the abilities of other agents to balance the overall duelist meta. Some changes to Reyna, in particular, have left players wondering whether they are buffs or nerfs. Read on to find out more about Valorant’s Patch 8.11.

ISO Buffs

ISO receives buffs primarily focused on his Double Tap ability:

  • Activation: Double Tap now plays a 1-second animation during which ISO cannot use his gun. Upon completion, ISO gains a shield without needing to kill an enemy.
  • Charges and Reset: The charges for Double Tap are reduced from two to one, but a kill reset is introduced, allowing ISO to gain an additional charge after two kills.
  • Shield Dynamics: When the shield is broken, ISO now has a wall penetration tag instead of a standard heavy penetration tag, reducing the slowdown. Additionally, ISO gets a damage indicator towards the direction of the enemy that broke his shield.
  • Recasting Ability: ISO can recast Double Tap while it’s active to refresh the shield duration. This is possible if ISO gets a refresh charge from two kills.
  • Orbs Mechanic: Orbs appear after killing an enemy with Double Tap active and can be shot to refresh the shield duration.

Neon Buffs

Neon also gets considerable buffs, particularly to her High Gear ability:

  • Fast Lane: This ability now dissipates from behind to minimize visual noise, providing cover for Neon. The wall duration is reduced from six seconds to four, but with the new dissolve mechanic, it lasts effectively longer.
  • High Gear Sprint: Neon’s strafe speed while sprinting is no longer reduced, making her max sprint speed while moving sideways now 9 m/s, up from 6.7 m/s.
  • Fuel Regeneration: Time until full fuel regeneration is reduced from 60 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • Slide Buffs: Neon can now have two charges for her slide, with the second charge costing 150 credits. Weapon movement error is removed while sliding, making her 100% accurate.
  • Stun Adjustments: Neon’s stun now has one charge instead of two. The windup delay is 0.3 seconds shorter, and the concuss duration increases from 3 seconds to 3.5 seconds.

Reyna Buffs

Reyna’s adjustments include changes to her healing and ultimate abilities:

  • Devour (Q): The heal amount is reduced from 100 to 50, but the heal time is shortened from 3 seconds to 2 seconds. Overheal armor no longer decays.
  • Dismiss (E): The top speed increases from 9 to 12 m/s, but the duration is reduced from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds, covering the same maximum distance faster.
  • Empress (Ultimate): Reyna’s ultimate no longer has a timer, remaining active until she is killed or the round ends.

Raze Nerfs

Raze experiences nerfs mainly targeting her Blast Pack:

  • Blast Pack: It no longer explodes for damage or knockback if destroyed by an enemy.
  • Horizontal Velocity: The horizontal velocity while using the Blast Pack is reduced, although the exact reduction amount is unspecified.
  • Explosion Audio: The audio for the Blast Pack explosion is now audible from a greater distance, giving enemies more time to react.

Clove Nerfs

Clove’s abilities see significant nerfs affecting both cost and duration:

  • Pick Me Up (C): The cost increases from 100 to 200 credits, and the duration is reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds. The damaging assist activation time decreases from 10 seconds to 6 seconds.
  • Ultimate: The cost of Clove’s ultimate ability goes up from 7 to 8 points, and the unequipped delay increases from 7 to 8 seconds. Additionally, a bug fix ensures Clove’s ultimate does not extend its duration from smoke assists.

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