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Valorant Limited Console Beta: Everything You Need To know

Valorant has been one of the biggest competitive shooters around for years – but only for PC gamers. That is about to change with Riot Games announcing the release of their hugely popular tactical fps on consoles. A Limited Beta period will begin on June 14, 2024 for the Valorant console launch. This beta will allow players on PlayStation Series X/S and PlayStation 5 to experience the blistering, hero-based shooter for the first time on their living room consoles.

Signing Up for the Valorant Console Beta

To reserve your spot in the Limited Beta at beta.playvalorant.com, sign up for the Valorant Limited Beta. But having an Xbox One or PlayStation 5 isn’t enough – you need to sign up – then hopefully Riot will send you an invite.

It is now open for beta registration in North America, Japan, and Europe. Additional locations likely to open up around the world while the beta period progress. Even if your region isn’t yet supported – sign up anyway to be ready if it is added later.

Other requirements include a current Valorant account and, of course, owning one of the supported new-gen consoles. But if you tick those boxes, you’ll qualify for beta invites.

Progression Carries Over, But No Crossplay

For those already playing Valorant on PC, the good news is that all your progression, skins, unlocks, and more will carry over between platforms. Your inventories and accounts will be shared across PC and consoles.

However, to preserve competitive integrity, there will be no crossplay between PC and console players. Your ranks and matchmaking will be entirely separate across the two platforms. But console players on Xbox and PlayStation will be able to squad up together through cross-console play.

Free Agent Unlocks for Game Pass Members

As an added incentive for Xbox players, anyone with an active Game Pass subscription will get all current and future Agents unlocked automatically in Valorant at no extra cost. This allows Game Pass members to have access to the full roster of Agents from day one.

On PlayStation 5, new players will start with the default 5 unlocked Agents, with the ability to unlock more through gameplay progression.

Content Rollout During Beta

To avoid overwhelming new console players, Riot will be doing a staggered rollout of content during the Valorant beta. At launch on June 14, players will have access to the Ascent, Bind, Haven, and Abyss maps in casual modes like Unrated and Swiftplay.

Then in the weeks after, more maps like Sunset, Lotus, and Icebox will be added to the pool. Competitive ranked modes will also likely be enabled later in the beta once the player base has time to adapt to the console version.

The core gameplay and mechanics are being preserved but with control schemes optimized for consoles. Riot has reassured that they are upholding the strict level of competitive integrity that the PC version is renowned for.


So get ready, console players – one of the biggest competitive shooters is finally coming to your platform. Sign up for the limited console beta today to get your first taste of the electric, character-driven action that has made Valorant a global phenomenon up until now. The clutch moments and tactical abilities are headed to your living rooms very soon.

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