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Valorant is Officially Coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S!

Valorant is finally coming to consoles. Riot just released a launch video showcasing gameplay elements coming to consoles. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S are the only consoles that will be able to run Valorant. All legacy consoles have been excluded from the list, and it looks like the game is set to run at a minimum of 120 fps. Registrations for the beta event have already begun, so be sure to register in time to be invited for the public testing. Limited beta access begins on June 14th in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Japan. Keep reading to learn everything about Valorant coming to consoles.

Console Crossplay

Valorant will not feature universal crossplay between PC and consoles. However, PS5 and Xbox Series X and S will offer crossplay between the two consoles. According to Arnard Gilen, production director of Valorant, this decision was a thought out decision to maintain competitive integrity. Additionally, Valorant on PC will not have controller support, so PC will stay strictly keyboard and mouse, and console players will only use controllers. This means no player on console can plug in a keyboard and mouse for a competitive edge. Currently, there are no plans to bring Valorant to Nintendo Switch or other handheld devices.

Game Content and Updates

Valorant will not include console-specific or PC-specific exclusives, ensuring you won’t miss out on any skins or other content no matter where you play. Riot Games will update and rotate all game updates, seasons, and shop items simultaneously on all platforms. While Riot will offer platform-exclusive content, Xbox and PC Game Pass subscribers will still receive full access to all Valorant agents as part of their subscription benefits.

Skins, Cross-Progression and Performance

While you won’t have crossplay between PC and consoles, you can sign into your Valorant account on any platform to use cross-progression. You will share all of your items in your inventory across the platforms you use, and you can work on earning XP towards your battle pass wherever you play. Valorant on console will operate the same way it does on PC. Riot Games will implement 128 tick rate servers, and the net code Valorant uses for PC will also apply to consoles. Riot will integrate a separate Vanguard anti-cheat across PS5 and Xbox to prevent players from plugging in additional hardware or software like strike packs to gain advantages. Valorant will also run at 120 FPS on consoles.

Controller Customization and Aim Assist

You can customize your controller configurations however you want. The only thing you won’t be able to customize is the ability to turn off aim assist in the game. The new controller gameplay includes a focus mode, positioned between the traditional hip fire and ADS (aim down sights) modes. This addition sets Valorant apart from other titles. The developers claim they have narrowed the gap between movement sensitivity and aiming sensitivity. This allows you to play with a lower sensitivity while aiming and to increase the sensitivity while out of focus mode to move more effectively within the game.

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