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Valorant is Coming To Console: Sign-up now!

Hey gamers, listen carefully! The huge hit Valorant that has been ripping it up on PC is at last coming to consoles. Riot Games announced today that their ridiculously popular 5v5 character shooter is hitting PlayStation 5 and Xbox One Series X/S. This is the moment you have been awaiting. An opportunity to go through Valorant’s intense, ability-fueled action and clutch moments with a controller in your hands.

Limited Beta Kicks Off June 14

Here’s the best part, Riot is letting players get in on the console fun early through a Limited Beta starting June 14, 2024. This is your chance to be among the first to try out Valorant with a controller before it fully launches. Trying to get into the beta? Here’s what you gotta do:

  1. Head to the Beta Site: Go to beta.playvalorant.com – this is mission control for the console beta.
  2. Check if You’re Eligible: For the time being, the beta is available in the US, UK, Canada, Japan and Europe. But more regions are coming, so stay tuned if yours isn’t listed yet.
  3. Make Sure You Have the Console: It requires a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S to run.
  4. Have a Good Valorant Account: If you already play PC, just make sure your account isn’t banned or suspended.
  5. Fill in the Sign-Up Form: Simply click here to enter your name into the hat. But registering does not entitle you to a spot.

Bring Your Friends

If you get directly invited after signing up, Riot will hook you up with a special referral link to share with up to 5 friends. That way you can squad up together in the beta. Spread that link around to your gaming crew!

This referral link is like a golden ticket. Just send it to your friends and have them follow the sign-up steps. As long as they complete the process after clicking your link, they’ll claim one of your limited referral spots.

But don’t just blast that link out to everyone you know right away. Only share it with the 5 friends you absolutely want to team up with, because once those referral spots are claimed, that’s it. No takesies backsies.

More Info Coming Soon

While the Valorant console beta starts June 14, Riot promised to give more updates as it gets closer. Follow their social media channels for the latest intel on things like expanded regions, new gameplay details, and more.

Don’t sleep on this, players! Getting into the Valorant console beta is your ticket to experiencing one of gaming’s biggest phenomenons on your favorite console before anyone else. Sign up now and get ready to frag out with that controller very soon.

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