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Valorant eSports Drama: Boostio Calls Out 100 Thieves Over Media Duties

Valorant’s pro scene has seen a bit too much drama lately, with players calling out teams for not being competitive. Boostio from 100 Thieves was quoted on stream saying he had been overworked with media duties. He later called out 100 Thieves for not wanting them to win and instead focusing on content creation. Apart from this, Asia Pacific teams are also going through a lineup overhaul, and the pressure of being an IGL seems to be catching up with MaKo. Keep reading to catch up with everything happening in the Valorant eSports scene.

Boostio vs. Zelsis Drama

Boostio has been frustrated about the amount of content 100 Thieves are forcing him to do. Naot then responded in his own right. Zelsis then came out and said Boostio is crying about the situation and that you have to make content if you want to make it work. He put out a video which absolutely popped off with 255k views in 24 hours. Boostio was not happy about this and was on stream last night talking about it. He said Zelsis is weird for making that video on YouTube. Boostio acknowledged that Zelsis got his views but called him weird for making the video.

Drama on the DRX Side

There is also some drama on the DRX side in the Pacific. DRX is now a really young team. They are the youngest team in the entire Valorant world, with the average age being around 20. Mako is the oldest player on TX, born in 2002. Karon, on Gen.G, feels like he should be a really young player, and he is young, born in 2002 as well. He is the youngest player on Gen.G. Gen.G is not an old team, with players in their early to mid-20s. However, DRX is just a really young team. Mako is having changes that were made at DX. They blew up their roster, ARB was gone, Zest was gone, and now Stax is gone as well.

Mako was talking on stream about this situation, and it was translated on VLR. He said that after Stax left and he had to become the IGL, he realized that Stax was carrying and dealing with many things. Stax told him that once you become the in-game leader, you start to get hasty and go out and die first. Mako said he is IGLing on T1, not Stax. If it were Stax, he wouldn’t have aced on Breach in that game. Mako feels messed up and questions why he is the senior of the team.

EU Valorant Esports Updates

There’s drama on the European side as well. Some big games and important results happened. Alfajaer on the iso, and these team comps have been coming through thick and fast. A 2-1 against Vitality shows that this Vitality team is interesting. Safe on the iso and neon was used to pretty decent effect but not good enough. Vitality has an international roster, but it’s not working as they might have wanted. Fnatic won this series relatively comfortably. For example, Haven was a 13-6. Fnatic won the Lotus 13-7 with Derke taking over on the Raze. Fnatic still has the pieces and talent. Some things for Vitality to think about.


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