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Valorant 8.11 Agent Updates Hits at Jett and Raze Dominance: Key Changes Explained

VALORANT players can look forward to significant Agent updates in the upcoming patch 8.11. The developers at Riot Games have shared early details of these changes, highlighting their potential to impact gameplay. By providing this information in advance, they aim to help players adjust their strategies ahead of time.

Further updates and detailed patch notes will be made available on June 11, providing a complete overview of the adjustments. This proactive approach by the VALORANT team demonstrates their commitment to maintaining game balance and enhancing the overall player experience.

VALORANT explain logic behind 8.11 Agent updates

The VALORANT team’s latest Agent updates aim to make other Duelists as viable as Jett and Raze. Currently, these two dominate their class. The changes are designed to give Agents like Neon and Reyna a better chance to succeed and be seen as strong options. The developers want to create a more balanced gameplay experience by adjusting these dynamics.

All VALORANT 8.11 Agent Updates:


ISO is getting several enhancements to improve his performance across all levels of play. His main ability, Double Tap (E), will see notable changes to make him more effective in challenging contested areas and securing early kills.

Double Tap (E) Updates:

  • ISO now equips a shield after completing a 1-second animation, during which he cannot use his gun.
  • A shield formation sound cues at the end of this animation.
  • The number of charges decreases from 2 to 1.
  • A new kill reset feature gives ISO an additional charge for Double Tap if he achieves two kills.
  • Instead of a standard Heavy Penetration tag, ISO now gets a Wall Penetration tag, reducing the slow effect when his shield breaks.
  • ISO now also gets a directional damage indicator showing where the attack breaking the shield came from.
  • ISO can now recast Double Tap while the shield is active to extend its duration, particularly useful if he gets an extra charge by securing two kills.


Neon’s changes in the 8.11 patch aim to enhance her mobility and aggressive playstyle. Weapon movement errors while sliding are gone, making her more precise during fast-paced encounters.

Fast Lane (C) Changes:

  • The Fast Lane (C) ability now dissolves from behind to reduce combat area visual clutter and improve cover for Neon.
  • Fast Lane’s audio has been modified to move with the wall as it dissipates.
  • Wall duration decreases from 6 seconds to 4 seconds.
  • Wall dissolve duration increases from 1 second to 2 seconds.

Sprint Adjustments:

  • Neon’s strafe speed is no longer reduced when sprinting.
  • Maximum sprint speed while moving sideways jumps from 6.73 meters/second to 9.11 meters/second.
  • Time until full fuel regeneration is reduced from 60s to 20s.

Slide Modifications:

  • Slide charges increase from 1 to 2.
  • Neon now removes all weapon movement errors when she slides, enhancing accuracy.
  • Second slide cost set at 150.
  • Equip out of slide time changes from ‘Fast’ to ‘Instant’.
  • Slide equip buffer is set to .2 seconds.
  • Charges revert from 2 to 1.
  • Windup delay decreases from 1.1s to .8s.
  • Concuss duration rises from 3.0s to 3.5s.


Reyna will see a mixture of enhancements and reductions to balance her abilities for both Ranked and team play.

Changes to Healing and Speed:

  • Healing amount is reduced from 100 to 50.
  • Full heal time is cut down from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.
  • Overheal armor no longer decays with time.
  • Top movement speed increases from 9.1 meters/second to 12 meters/second.

Adjustments to Dismiss and Empress:

  • Total duration of Dismiss decreases from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
  • Empress becomes permanent until either Reyna is killed or the round concludes.

Raze 8.11 VALORANT Agent updates:

Raze’s abilities are adjusted to allow for better counterplay by opponents.

Satchels Adjustments:

  • Satchels will no longer deal damage or cause knockback when destroyed by opponents.
  • Raze’s horizontal velocity during satcheling is reduced.
  • Satchel explosion sounds can now be heard from greater distances, making enemy awareness of Raze’s actions more possible.


Clove has been notably potent since release. These updates aim to rebalance Clove’s individual power while maintaining their effectiveness as a controller agent.

Cost and Duration Adjustments:

  • The cost increases from 100 to 200.
  • Duration is reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • Damaging assist activation time is shortened from 10 seconds to 6 seconds.

Other Modifications:

  • Cost increases from 7 to 8.
  • Unequip delay increases from .7 seconds to .8 seconds.

Bug Fix:

  • Clove’s ultimate will no longer persist through the fighting state if they receive a smoke assist.

Stay informed on all the latest updates by visiting VALORANT 8.11 Agent Updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What modifications have been made to Jett in the Valorant 8.11 update?

In the Valorant 8.11 update, Jett has seen adjustments aimed at balancing her abilities to ensure other Duelists have a chance to shine in matches. These changes specifically target her mobility and attack capabilities, refining her role within the game.

How does Valorant Patch 8.11 alter Raze’s gameplay?

Raze’s gameplay has been tweaked in Patch 8.11 to decrease her dominance in matches. The update includes changes to her explosive abilities, making them less overwhelming and allowing other players to compete more effectively against her.

When was the Valorant 8.11 patch officially released?

The official release date for the Valorant 8.11 patch is June 11, 2024. This patch includes significant updates and balance changes intended to refine gameplay and enhance the competitive experience.

What are the main highlights from the Valorant 8.11 patch notes?

The Valorant 8.11 patch notes feature key updates such as major adjustments to Duelist agents like Jett and Raze, a new map pool rotation, and several gameplay balancing changes. These updates seek to improve the overall meta and provide a more competitive environment.

How has the agent balance been tackled in Valorant’s latest update?

The latest update has addressed agent balance by focusing on reducing the dominance of agents like Jett and Raze. Changes have been implemented to give other Duelist agents a better chance to compete, aiming for a more balanced and varied gameplay experience.

Are there any nerfs to agents other than Jett and Raze in Valorant Patch 8.11?

Yes, Patch 8.11 includes nerfs to other agents besides Jett and Raze. Agents like Reyna, Neon, and Iso have also received changes intended to refine their abilities and enhance the overall balance between different characters in the game.

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