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Valorant 7.10 Patch Notes: New Features and Changes

Valorant players can now rejoice as the highly anticipated 7.10 update has finally arrived. Developed by Riot Games, the update brings a host of exciting new changes to the popular competitive shooter. These changes include Deadlock buffs and adjustments to certain Agents in the Team Deathmatch game mode.

Riot Games has already released the patch notes for the Valorant 7.10 update via their social media handles. The notes detail every new change introduced in the patch, and players can now dive in and uncover all the exciting new features. In this article, we will take a closer look at the full patch notes for the Valorant 7.10 update and explore what it has to offer.

Valorant 7.10 Patch Notes Explained

The Valorant 7.10 update has brought significant buffs to Deadlock, the Norwegian Sentinel. Her GravNet ability has been improved, making it more effective. In addition, changes have been made to Reyna and Fade in the TDM game mode, along with other miscellaneous changes. The official blog post by Riot Games provides detailed patch notes for Valorant 7.10, which can be found below:

Agent Ability Change
Deadlock GravNet (C) Increased radius and debuffs indefinitely
Jett Blade Storm (X) Reduced cost from 7 to 6 points
Reyna Devour (Q) Reduced healing from 100 to 75
Fade Reduced damage taken in TDM mode

As always, players are encouraged to provide feedback on the changes.



Deadlock’s GravNet (C) ability has received a significant update to make it more interesting and challenging to use. Previously, players could remove the effect of the net by moving out of its radius or waiting for the effect to expire. However, now, anyone caught by GravNet will be debuffed indefinitely until they manually remove the net. This change adds a unique power profile to the ability and makes it a more interesting interaction for both sides. Additionally, the ability has been made more reliable by increasing its radius, while also ensuring that Agents like Jett and Raze can’t trivialize getting caught in it with their mobility.

The following changes have been made to GravNet (C):

  • Anyone caught by GravNet will be debuffed indefinitely until they remove it manually.
  • Anyone caught by GravNet will be affected by increased gravity and a reduction in mobility. For example, GravNet now reduces Jett’s Tailwind (E) distance.
  • GravNet removal time has been increased from 0.85s to 1.5s.
  • GravNet radius has been increased from 6m to 8m.


Jett’s third-person animations while Blade Storm (X) is equipped have been adjusted to help with combat clarity. The animation changes make it easier to understand Jett’s movement when she’s running and when she’s throwing knives.


The latest update has brought some changes to the Agents in Team Deathmatch mode to balance the gameplay.


Reyna’s Leer (C) ability has been particularly potent in the close confines of Team Deathmatch since it doesn’t affect allies. Additionally, Empress (X) lacking a time constraint if she’s rolling has proven extremely powerful. To create more downtime between these power moments and push Reyna to prioritize orbs if she wants to take over with Empress, the following changes have been made:

  • Team Deathmatch only changes:
    • Leer (C) cooldown has been increased from 44s to 51s.
    • Empress (X) will charge 14% slower.


Fade’s utility can feel a little hard to use and capitalize on in Team Deathmatch. The following changes aim to help her track down her enemies and close in on them:

  • Team Deathmatch only changes:
    • Prowler (C) cooldown has been decreased from 44s to 36s.
    • Seize (Q) cooldown has been decreased from 51s to 48s.


Presets have been added to the stats page. The new presets provide an easier way to view and track performance statistics. This update aims to improve the user experience by simplifying the process of viewing performance data. Players can now easily switch between different presets to view their stats in different ways. This update is expected to be well received by players who want to track their performance more efficiently.


Several bugs were fixed in this update. Reverb was not being applied reliably to some types of sounds, such as gunshots and footsteps, but it has now been fixed. Additionally, Viper’s Pit (X) did not correctly block vision for enemies on the minimap and megamap, but this has also been resolved. Fade’s Prowler (C) was passing through certain objects, but this issue has been fixed as well. Lastly, the report button text was cut-off for the Arabic language on the Player Report menu, but this has been resolved.

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