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Trailer from Outcast: A New Beginning shows off the combat

THQ Nordic obtained the rights to the Outcast IP in 2019 and has been working on Outcast: A New Beginning ever since. In August this year, a trailer was released that showed much of the world and we also got a clear impression of the atmosphere. This new trailer focuses on another part of the game, namely the combat.

In Outcast: A New Beginning, you can get to work with different modifications for your Modular Gun. For example, there are no less than 24 modules available, which you can place in six different weapon slots, so there are plenty of combinations possible.

Also included is a shield, which you can use both defensively and offensively. Use the jetpack to reach the right altitude or deploy one of the many Talan powers, which you obtain by completing missions. The result of all this? For that, check out the trailer below.

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