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Top 10 video games for Nintendo Switch as ranked by Metacritic – Part 2

Continuing our tour of the top 10 best video games for Nintendo Switch according to Metacritic, we delve into the top 5, where the real gems can be found. These games have not only been critically acclaimed but have also won the hearts of gamers around the world.

Portal: Companion Collection

At number 5, we have Portal: Companion Collection. This game is a compilation of the first two Portal games, adapted for Nintendo Switch. The Portal series is famous for its unique gameplay mechanics, in which players use a portal gun. In this way, players can create interdimensional portals to solve spatial puzzles. The Companion Collection brilliantly maintains the original’s charm and ingenuity while optimizing the Switch’s controls. Plus, its mix of mind-bending puzzles, dark humor, and compelling narrative make it a must-have game on the Switch console.

The House in Fata Morgana – Dreams of the Revenants Edition

Coming in at #4 is The House in Fata Morgana – Dreams of the Revenants Edition. This visual novel game is a masterpiece of storytelling, with a complex tale spanning centuries. It tells the story of a cursed mansion and its inhabitants, which unfolds non-linearly. Meanwhile, the game’s unique art style, atmospheric music, and powerful narrative make it an outstanding title. In addition, the Dreams of the Revenants edition includes additional content and stories, offering an even more immersive experience.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

This video game takes the bronze medal. This game departs from the traditional Zelda formula, offering an open-world experience where players can explore at their own pace. The vast game world is full of secrets to unravel, puzzles to solve, and enemies to defeat. In addition, the game’s beautiful art style, engaging gameplay, and captivating story make it a worthy game to enjoy on the Switch.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

At number 2, we have another Zelda game. This game is a true masterpiece, offering an expansive, open world that players can explore freely. Meanwhile, the game’s innovative physics-based gameplay, stunning visuals, and compelling story make it one of the best games on Switch. Whether gliding through the sky, battling enemies, or simply exploring the vast world, Breath of the Wild offers an unforgettable gaming experience.

Super Mario Odyssey

Finally, we have Super Mario Odyssey at the top of the list. This game is a love letter to fans of the Mario franchise, offering a fresh take on the classic platformer. Players control Mario on an adventure worldwide to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. At the same time, the game introduces the new mechanic of capturing enemies and objects with Mario’s hat. All of this adds a new layer of depth to the gameplay. In addition, the game’s vibrant game worlds, charming characters, and inventive gameplay make it the best Nintendo Switch game, according to Metacritic.

These games represent the best that Nintendo Switch offers, providing countless hours of entertainment and unforgettable gaming experiences. Whether you’re a fan of puzzles, narrative, exploration, or classic platformers, there’s something for everyone in the top 5 best Nintendo Switch games.

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