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Top 10 BEST Anime for Spring 2024 According to MAL

It’s spring 2024 and you know what could this mean? It’s finally time for some brand-new anime to watch! Here is the complete guide to which shows to look at. We determined the top ten anime of this season based on MyAnimeList (MAL) ratings. There’s action, romance, humor, and fantasy for everybody. Here are the TOP 10 BEST Anime for Spring 2024!

1. KonoSuba God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World 3

Starting with the latest KonoSuba season which tells us about Kazuma and his sickness from the constant chaos and near-death experiences. So, he seeks a peaceful life as a monk. But Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness refuse to follow his plan and drag him back into their craziness. 

Season 2 of KonoSuba is jam-packed with pranks to persuade him (or maybe they get him in trouble) and move on to take down the Demon King. If you are a loyal KonoSuba fan, you wouldn’t miss an episode of its third season this spring, right? 

2. Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc

Demon Slayer has to be one of the saddest yet best anime on this list. This anime tells us about a young man Tanjiro whose family got killed before his own two eyes. This incident prepared Tanjiro to confront the bad guy who decided to not only murder his family but also turn his sister Nezuko into a demon! 

With the continuation of the story, all the demon slayers enter the Hashira training arc, where Tanjiro and the others are trained by the Hashiras. This arc focuses on preparing the slayers for even more intense battles against the remaining demons, especially the powerful Upper Moons. As the tension builds, lifelong Demon Slayer fans won’t want to miss the mighty Hashiras training!

3. Mushoku Tensei S2 Part 2

After lonely teen years and getting isekai’d, Rudeus reincarnates in a fantasy world as an infant. This time, he gets determined to learn from his mistakes and live a better life with his perverted ways still in hand! 

It’s a hilarious and touching tale of rebirth and redemption, blending humor, heartbreak, and fantasy (and a few nosebleeds—you’ll get it if you watch!). Season 2 Part 2 picks up where Part 1 left off.

It follows Rudeus as he travels the world searching for his missing mom. Along the way, his magic is tested, and he attempts to maintain a relationship with his childhood friend, Sylphie. This season will be filled with sweet romance and action hand in hand!

So, don’t miss out on further adventures with Redus and Sylphie this spring!

4. The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 3

The Time I Was reincarnated as a Slime is an isekai about an office guy who dies and is reincarnated As a slime in another universe. With his sleight of hand and knowledge gained from his previous life, he establishes a monster nation and befriends all creatures. It’s a spooky tale of friendship and community – building and showing even a slime can be awesome!

After Rimuru becomes a Demon Lord, Season 3 begins. He is feared by other powerful nations but wants peace. There will be political intrigue and battles as Rimuru tries to clear his name and protect his monster friends. The story continues with Rimuru navigating the maze of powerful nations and forming friends for a better future. 

5. Kaiju No. 8

Japan is being destroyed by giant monsters called “kaiju”! Ordinary Hibino is fed up with the mundane clean-up job and dreams of becoming a monster fighter. A tiny kaiju fuses with him and gives him superpowers! 

Now he can fight alongside the heroes he admires, but being a half-monster isn’t all sunshine and punches. Kaiju No. 8 – a must-see for Spring 2024 – an action-packed underdog story with a modern take on the traditional hero’s journey!

6. My Hero Academia Season 7

My Hero Academia season 7 – Jump back into the fight against the bad guys! America’s leading hero teams up with Deku and his comrades to destroy Shigaraki and All For One. But wait a minute, there might be a traitor which might cause the heroes to be cautious of each other! With this shocking twist, heroes must fight and be suspicious of each other. 

Furthermore, expect epic battles, shocking revelations, and Deku figuring out how to control his superpower as the war between good and evil heats up! High stakes, epic battles, and surprises make this season a must-watch for any anime fan this Spring of 2024.

7. Wind Breaker

Wind Breaker is the next Tokyo Revengers with its gangster theme and sick characters. Who doesn’t like some kickass action followed by sports? Haruka Sakura has always been the odd boy. He turned into an outcast because of his unusual appearance and lack of social interaction. 

Additionally, it made him a skilled fighter. Now he just cares about fighting. This Spring 2024 anime looks interesting because it looks like Haruka – a man with no soft spots, might find love and acceptance in something he does well – fighting! It could be an unexpected saga of overcoming prejudices and fitting in in a global society, wrapped up in tense fights.

8. Spice and Wolf Merchant Meets the Wise Wolf

Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets the Wise Wolf is the story of a traveling merchant Kraft who meets a mysterious woman with a secret – she’s Holo, a Wolf god who longs to return north. Holo negotiates a deal and brings Kraft’s business to her homeland. It is an adventure filled with business and fantasy that sees them contend with economic hardship, dubious rivals, and even bandits. 

Along the way, Kraft teaches himself the art of the deal and Holo discovers the world outside her village. As their friendship grows and a potential romance develops, they move north. But the season ends with them facing decisions that test their priorities and a blossoming romance between a shrewd merchant and a wolf goddess.

9. Misfit of Demon King Academy Part 2

Anos Voldigoad is the bored and wilf Demon King reincarnated after two millennia and appears in the Demon Academy. At a magic school where the other students are no match for his abilities, Anos attempts to redeem himself as the Demon King again.

Nobody takes Anos seriously which makes for hilarious situations. The Misfit of Demon King is all about intense battles, but with a twist – Anos might not always be fighting the bad guys! The action-packed comedy is also given a glimpse into Anos’ shady past. So prepare for shaky fights, belly laughs – and a secret plot!

10. Go! Go! Loser Ranger! 

You know the Power Rangers! Go! Go! Loser Ranger! changes the game! Here’s how. So, the “Rangers” are actually villains who take advantage of weak monsters to keep their superhero personas intact. 

One angry monster named Footsoldier D infiltrates the team to bring them to justice and give the real monsters a fighting chance. However, this storyline takes an unexpected turn as it develops into a dark comedy with an unlikely hero emerging. Consequently, with this unique twist, Go! Go! Spring 2024 offers a breath of fresh air for Loser Rangers!


Spring 2024 is full of great anime! From Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia to Wind Breaker and the Misfit of Demon King Academy, there’s something there for everyone. This Top 10 list has an anime waiting to be your new favorite. So jump in, check out these titles, and prepare for an unforgettable anime season!

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