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The Ultimate Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 BEGINNER Guide

Hey there warriors! This is your ultimate beginner-friendly guide to Hellblade 2. Dive into the journey of Senua with us which can be both thrilling as well as DARK. but don’t worry! This is where this guide will help you! So, even if you’re new to Hellblade 2 or you’ve still got experience in playing this masterpiece, we’ve got you covered with our strategies. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the deets!

What is Hellblade 2 About?

Hellblade 2 is your not-so-typical adventure game with Senua serving as the main protagonist. It’s set in a Norse and Celtic mythical world where Senua has to battle her inner demons and defeat powerful enemies. 

The game has themes of psychological well-being, determination, and strength as Senua fights against physical adversaries and her own psychological issues. It’s a survival & self-discovery game. The players of this game have to use fighting techniques and reason to advance throughout the plot.

The Basics of Combat in Hellblade 2

Senua is not a stranger to fighting for her beliefs. The combat deals with a more strategic approach as compared to the swordplay and parrying strikes. While playing this game, you must learn when to attack when in range of enemy fire. 

Do not hesitate to allow your concentration ability to slow down in stressful situations. You can also unlock new capabilities and become a stronger warrior as time passes.

Puzzles and Exploration Theme

Hellblade 2 is not all about fighting. It lets you explore a spooky world filled with a lot of mysteries. Such puzzles usually include Senua’s inner conflicts and call for observation followed by creativity. The world in Hellblade 2 itself is a character, whispering clues and tales as you advance more. 

While playing survival games, you know that you have to observe your surroundings as they contain tons of clues that help you solve puzzles. So, one of the main themes of this game is Puzzles and Exploration. 

Beginner Friendly Guide

Here’s a beginner-friendly guide that you can follow to enhance your gaming experience. 

  • Follow the Sound: The sound inside Senua’s head may be overwhelming sometimes, but also can offer useful clues during exploration and combat. And so listen to what they are saying, it may save you from problems.
  • Be Fearless to Experiment: The world is immense and filled with mysteries. Slow down – enjoy every corner – and appreciate the surroundings. Additionally, there are hidden loots, lore entries & epic upgrades for Senua.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Initially battle is tough. Do not be discouraged! Fighting, blocking, and also parrying training. The more you fight the more you will feel comfortable.


Hellblade 2 is a rewarding game, that rewards you with its challenges and incredible visuals, along with a compelling storyline. This is just the very first guide. With some courage and these pointers in your hand, you’re now equipped to face the darkness along with Senua. Recall that voices inside your head are your greatest friends and the world around you can hold the secret to knowing what you have to find out to resolve the mysteries ahead. Go create, warrior, and forth your legend in Hellblade 2!


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