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The nations with the most prize money won in League of Legends – Part 2

The world of esports, particularly LoL, has seen an exponential increase in popularity and prize money over the past decade. With the increase in viewership and player participation, the prize pool for LoL tournaments has also seen a significant increase. This article discusses the nations with the most prize money won in League of Legends.


Starting from the fifth position, we have Denmark. Despite having a relatively small population, Denmark has produced 272 professional LoL players who have collectively won $3,892,046 in prize money. This Scandinavian country has a strong gaming culture, and its esports scene is thriving, with several prominent players on the international scene. Danish players are known for their strategic play, and their success in LoL is a testament to their skills.

United States

In the fourth position, we find the United States. With 546 professional players, the Americans have won $4,680,748 in prize money. The American esports scene is one of the most developed in the world, with numerous professional teams and players competing in various tournaments. The U.S. has consistently performed in LoL, with several players achieving international fame. The country’s infrastructure and investment in esports have been key factors in its success.


Taiwan ranks third, with 243 professional players who have won $4,680,748 in prize money. Despite having fewer professional players than the United States, Taiwan has managed to match the United States in terms of prize money won. This demonstrates the high skill level of Taiwanese players and the strong support for esports in the country. Taiwan’s success in LoL reflects its vibrant gaming culture and the dedication of its players.


In the second position, we find China. With a staggering 590 professional players, China has won $5,461,294 in prize money. The Chinese esports scene is huge, with numerous professional teams and a huge player base. Chinese players are known for their aggressive play and innovative strategies, which have helped them grab significant prize money. The country’s investment in esports and the popularity of LoL among its population have contributed to its success.

South Korea

Finally, at the top of the list, South Korea is the land of Faker. With an impressive 982 professional players, South Korea has won a whopping $34,824,702 in prize money. South Korea is often considered the birthplace of esports, and their dominance in LoL is no surprise. The gaming culture, infrastructure, and government support for esports have played a major role in their success. South Korean players are famous for their exceptional skills and strategic play, which have helped them achieve numerous victories in international tournaments.

In conclusion, the success of these nations in LoL is a testament to their strong gaming cultures, investment in esports, and the skills of their players. These countries have dominated the LoL scene in terms of prize money and contributed significantly to the growth and development of esports worldwide. As the popularity of LoL continues to grow, more countries can be expected to join this list, and the competition will become even more intense.

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