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The most ruthless videogame protagonists

Over the years, video games have given us many unforgettable characters, from noble heroes to cunning villains. However, there is a special category of characters that defy the traditional hero-villain dichotomy: ruthless protagonists. These characters, often anti-heroes, are defined by their relentless pursuit of their goals, whatever the cost. Let’s delve into the virtual world and explore some of the most ruthless protagonists in the history of video games.

Duke Nukem: the alien annihilator

First on the list is the muscular Duke Nukem from the eponymous series. Duke is the quintessential ’90s action hero, with his machismo, one-liners, and insatiable thirst for alien blood. His cruelty is evident in the way he fights. Duke doesn’t just defeat his enemies; he annihilates them with an arsenal of exaggerated weapons, from shrink rays to pipe bombs. His no-holds-barred attitude and relentless pursuit of victory make him one of the most ruthless protagonists in video game history.

Doom Guy: The Demon Hunter

Next, we have Doom Slayer, or “Doom Guy,” from the Doom series. Doom Guy is the embodiment of pure, unadulterated rage. He is a silent protagonist who lets his superhotgun and chainsaw do the talking. His mission is simple: kill every demon that crosses his path. Doom Guy relentlessly pursues this goal, smashing hordes of hellish spawn brutally. His determination and unwavering violence make him one of the most ruthless protagonists.

Kratos: God of War

From the God of War series, Kratos is a character defined by his rage. Once a Spartan general, Kratos is tricked by the god Ares into killing his own family. This act leads him to take revenge on the entire Greek pantheon. Kratos is relentless in his quest for revenge, slaughtering gods and monsters with his Chaos Swords. His brutal combat style and unquenchable thirst for vengeance make him one of the most ruthless protagonists in video games.

Sweet Tooth: The Twisted Metal Head-On

From the Twisted Metal series, we have a Sweet Tooth, a killer clown who drives an ice cream truck armed to the teeth. Sweet Tooth is a psychopath who enjoys the mayhem and destruction of the vehicle combat tournament. His only goal is to win the tournament and have his one wish fulfilled: to find and kill the one victim that has escaped him. Sweet Tooth’s sadistic delight in violence and his dogged pursuit of his victim make him a truly ruthless protagonist.

Trevor Philips: The Deranged Outlaw

Finally, we have Trevor Philips from Grand Theft Auto V. Trevor is a professional criminal with a penchant for violence and mayhem. He is unpredictable, volatile, and has no qualms about hurting anyone who gets in his way. Whether robbing banks, dealing drugs, or simply wreaking havoc on the streets, Trevor does it all without regard for the consequences. He is one of the most vicious protagonists in video games because of his unpredictable personality and willingness to go to any lengths to achieve his goals.

From Duke Nukem’s alien annihilation to Trevor Philips’ criminal escapades, these characters embody the concept of cruelty in video games. They are relentless, violent, and unapologetic when pursuing their goals, making them some of video game history’s most memorable and ruthless protagonists.

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