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The Extortionist Tarkov Quest Guide: Strategies and Solutions

In the gaming world, a title has emerged that captivates audiences with its intense, gritty gameplay and ruthless economy. “Escape from Tarkov,” developed by Battlestate Games, is an immersive, hardcore online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features set in the fictional Norvinsk region in Northwestern Russia. With a focus on realism and survival, players must navigate a war-torn city, contend with AI-controlled scavengers, and outwit other players in a desperate bid to escape the chaos and secure valuable loot.

The game’s complexity is not just in its combat mechanics but also in its intricate economy, which has given rise to the player moniker, “the extortionist Tarkov.” Players engage in an unforgiving barter economy where everything from bullets to bandages has significant value, and hoarding or controlling resources can make or break one’s success. The tension is further heightened by the game’s “permanent death” feature, where a player’s death results in the loss of all items carried during that mission, emphasizing the high stakes and the cutthroat tactics that can emerge as players strive to gain an edge.

As players traverse the hostile environment of Tarkov, they must also form alliances, complete quests for non-playable characters, and gather intelligence to survive. The game’s blend of tactical combat, looting, inventory management, and player interaction creates an experience that reflects the harsh realities of a fictional, conflict-ridden society. “Escape from Tarkov” challenges gamers to think strategically, making it a prominent example of a game that not only entertains but also tests the wit and resolve of its players.

Overview of Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore, realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough.

Gameplay Mechanics

Gameplay mechanics in Escape from Tarkov involve realistic combat simulation elements, including ballisticshealth management, and looting systems. Players must navigate through the treacherous environment of the fictional Norvinsk region, dealing with AI-controlled enemies and other players. Interaction with the environment is intricate, requiring players to manage inventory, health, and energy in real-time.

Key Elements:

  • Ballistic System: Implements realistic bullet physics, caliber impact, and armor effectiveness.
  • Health System: Extensive damage model affecting limbs and general health, medical treatment in the field.
  • Economy: Dynamic in-game economy influenced by players through looting, trade, and crafting.

Role of Extortionist Quest

The Extortionist Quest is a crucial early-game mission assigned by the trader NPC Skier, who sends the player to retrieve a valuable item. This quest is pivotal as it introduces the player to the game’s quest system and the importance of NPC relationships, which influence the player’s progression and access to gear and resources.

Quest Details:

  • Objective: Retrieve a hidden valuable object.
  • Impact: Boosts standing with Skier and provides rewards upon completion.
  • Complexity: Challenges players to navigate hostile areas and reinforces key gameplay mechanics.

The Extortionist Quest

In “Escape from Tarkov,” the Extortionist quest unveils as a challenging mission demanding players to recover vital items while navigating through treacherous environments.

Background and Objectives

The Extortionist quest is issued by Skier, a trader in Tarkov who requires the player to locate a hidden valuable cargo. Players must find the messenger body and retrieve a secure case from a bunkhouse on Customs.


  1. Locate the messenger body.
  2. Obtain the secure case.

Quest Items and Locations

To complete the quest, players need to obtain several specific items and are guided to distinct locations within the Customs map.

Items to Recover:

  • Unknown key
  • Secure case (Object #0022)

Key Location:

  • Dead scav’s body

Secure Case Location:

  • Bunkhouse in the trailer park

NPC Interactions

Interacting with non-playable characters (NPCs) is vital for quest progression and information gathering.

Key NPC:

  • Skier: Initiates the quest and provides hints.

Rewards and Consequences

Success in the Extortionist quest benefits the player with various rewards, while failure may result in a relationship setback with Skier.


  • +0.08 reputation with Skier
  • Roubles (currency reward varies)
  • Physical Bitcoin
  • Possible experience points


  • Failure to complete may result in a decrease in player reputation with Skier.

Strategies for Completion

Success in the “Extortionist” task in Escape from Tarkov hinges on thorough preparation, tactically sound approaches, and effective responses to common challenges.

Preparation and Equipment

The right loadout is crucial for completing the “Extortionist” mission. Players should equip:

  • Armor: At least Class 3 body armor for moderate protection.
  • Weapons: A reliable close to mid-range firearm like the MP-5.
  • Ammunition: Minimum 60 rounds of quality ammo such as the 9x19mm Pst gzh.
  • Healing Items: At least one Salewa medical kit and painkillers.
  • Backpack: Sufficient space to secure quest items and additional loot.
  • Keys: The key to the cabin, located on Customs which houses the secure case.

Tactical Approaches

Stealth and situational awareness are paramount. Players should:

  • Plan Entry and Exit Routes: Learn the map to navigate to the cabin and extract points effectively.
  • Monitor Sound Cues: Move carefully, listening for other players or AI movements.
  • Use Cover and Concealment: Stay out of open spaces, using terrain and objects to hide.
  • Engage Wisely: Only take fights that are necessary and can be won. Avoid unnecessary battles.

Common Challenges and Solutions

Several common issues arise during this task, and here are ways to overcome them:

  • Dealing with Scavs: Keep a low profile, use silenced weapons to avoid drawing attention.
  • Player Interactions: In high-traffic areas, use caution and pick routes that minimize encounters.
  • Finding the Cabin: Players often struggle to locate the objective; study the map beforehand.
  • Extraction Campers: Use unpredictable patterns when approaching extraction zones to avoid campers.

In-Game Economy Impact

The Extortionist Tarkov significantly influences the in-game economy by driving changes in item values and market dynamics due to his role in high-stakes in-game transactions.

Item Values and Trade

Players often see fluctuations in item values due to the Extortionist’s control over certain rare items. He affects the supply side of the economy, as he requires players to hand over valuable items to fulfill his quests. For example:

  • Killa Helmet: Previously priced at 100,000 Rubles, the demand surged after a quest update, raising its value to 150,000 Rubles.
  • GP Coin: An item used in trading with the Extortionist that saw a 20% increase in value after he began accepting them.

The Extortionist’s quests lead to a variance in trade volume for specific items:

  • Flash Drives:
    • Before Quest: 5,000 units traded daily.
    • After Quest: 12,000 units traded daily.

Market Influence

Market influence by the Extortionist manifests itself in several ways:

  1. Price Fixing:
    • Some players hoard items the Extortionist is known to ask for, creating artificial scarcity and pushing prices up on the flea market.
    • The TarCola drink’s average price increased by 30% after the Extortionist’s demand spiked.
  2. Transaction Fees:
    • As the volume and price of items change, the flea market’s transaction fees adjust accordingly. Higher demand for Extortionist’s items means higher fees.
    • The 3M Body Armor experienced a fee increase from 5,000 to 10,000 Rubles per listing.

These subsections reflect the Extortionist’s direct impact on the player-driven economy within Tarkov.

Community and Player Reactions

Player reactions to the ‘Extortionist’ quest in Escape from Tarkov have been both vocal and varied, with many taking to online platforms to express their views.

Reception of the Quest

Players have expressed concerns regarding the quest’s difficulty, with some describing the time investment as excessive for the rewards offered. On the other hand, a portion of the community defends the quest’s challenge level, stating that it adds depth to the game. Notable concerns include:

  • Difficulty: Many argue it’s too hard for solo players.
  • Reward balance: Some players feel the rewards are not commensurate with the effort required.

Discussion on Gaming Forums

On forums such as Reddit and the official Escape from Tarkov boards, threads discussing the ‘Extortionist’ quest have been highly active. Key points from these discussions include:

  • Quest Mechanics: Players debate whether the quest mechanics are fair and conducive to good gameplay.
  • Adjustments: There are calls for the developers to adjust the quest parameters to better fit player expectations.

Users often share strategies and tips on how to complete the quest, helping others overcome its challenges.

Comparative Analysis

This section provides a detailed comparison focusing specifically on the Extortionist quest in Escape from Tarkov and its place within the game and the broader context of similar quests in gaming.

Similar Quests in Escape from Tarkov

The Extortionist quest shares similarities with other missions in Escape from Tarkov by involving the player in a search-and-retrieve operation. For instance, The Bronze Pocket Watch quest also requires the player to find a specific item and safely extract it. Both quests emphasize the core mechanics of exploration and survival, with the following distinct elements:

  • Objective: Retrieve specific items (key for Extortionist, watch for Bronze Pocket Watch).
  • Difficulty: Both can be challenging for new players due to potential PvP encounters.
  • Risk: High-risk areas that encourage stealth and planning.

Extortionist Tarkov Versus Other Games

When comparing the Extortionist quest with similar quests from other games, one can identify a few unique traits inherent to Escape from Tarkov’s gameplay. For example, the quest design in Tarkov emphasizes realism and hardcore survival elements, setting it apart from the more narrative-driven or fantastical missions in RPGs like The Witcher 3 or Skyrim. Here are key aspects to consider:

Aspect Extortionist Quest (EFT) RPG Quests (Other Games)
Survival Mechanics Essential for success Varying significance
Realism High; reflects real-world tactics Often secondary to fantasy
Player Interaction PvP encounters impact quest completion Usually not directly affected

The quest’s structure in Tarkov demands acute awareness and player skill, which can be less pronounced in other gaming titles where the focus might be on story progression or character development.

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