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The COMPLETE Beginner Guide for Solo Leveling Arise 2024

Like any great gacha game, Solo Leveling Arise rewards those who take the time to reroll for top-tier Hunters and weapons from the very beginning. Rerolling is a simple process: create a new account, complete the tutorial, and spend your initial resources on summons. If you didn’t snag any of the top-ranked characters or gear, simply reset and try again.

Your primary targets should be the featured pick-up Hunter alongside Seo Jiwoo, Emma Laurent, and Min Byung-Gu. For weapons, focus on the Demonic Plum Flower Sword, Thethis’ Grimoire, and any other exceptional SSR options. With a bit of patience, you’ll have a formidable squad ready to tackle Solo Leveling Arise’s challenges.

Prioritizing Story Progress

Once you’ve assembled your dream team, it’s time to blitz through the main story. Completing missions and side quests will shower you with Essence Stones, experience points, and other valuable resources to level up Sung Jinwoo and your Hunters. Don’t worry about perfecting each stage initially; you can revisit previous missions when you’re stronger.

The story also acts as a gatekeeper, unlocking new game modes as you progress. Reaching Chapter 8 is especially crucial, as it grants access to Sung Jinwoo’s trademark Army of Shadows ability. With a constant stream of rewards and new content, pushing through the story should be your top priority.

Managing Resources Wisely

Like any mobile RPG, Solo Leveling Arise features several bottlenecks that can impede your progress if not managed carefully. Gold, in particular, is a scarce resource early on, so avoid the temptation to level up every Hunter and weapon indiscriminately. Consult tier lists to identify the most promising investments, and focus your resources accordingly.

Essence Stones, the premium currency, should also be used judiciously. Save them for limited banners featuring top-tier units rather than spending them on standard summons. And when it comes to equipment, stick to upgrading only the best pieces until you’ve accumulated a solid collection of purple (or higher) gear.

Mastering Game Modes

Solo Leveling Arise offers a diverse array of game modes, each with its own rewards and strategies. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Gates and Gate Mining: These instanced dungeons provide experience, resources, and the opportunity to extract additional rewards through mining. Prioritize higher difficulties when possible, and don’t forget to rescan for better options every 10 minutes.
  • Encore Missions: The key to acquiring powerful Artifacts (equipment), Encore Missions pit your Hunters against formidable bosses. Focus on the bosses you can reliably defeat, and don’t forget to complete all battle missions for a significant damage buff.
  • Instance Dungeons: Unlike Encore Missions, these challenges require Sung Jinwoo to take center stage as you battle for accessory pieces. Mastering both modes is essential for gearing up your entire roster.
  • Battlefield of Trials: This tower-like mode offers a consistent source of Gold, Essence Stones, and summon tickets as rewards for clearing its increasingly difficult stages.
  • Battlefield of Time: An endgame-focused, ranking-based mode pitting you against story bosses for exclusive rewards based on your damage output.
  • Power of Destruction: A raid battle against the fearsome Pitch-black Flame Ennio, where breaking his hands is the key to dealing maximum damage and securing a high rank.

By tackling each mode strategically and capitalizing on their respective rewards, you’ll ensure a steady influx of resources to fuel your ascent.

Optimizing Your Builds

Properly allocating stat points, equipping the right Artifacts, and mastering skill combinations are all crucial components of optimizing your teams in Solo Leveling Arise. For Sung Jinwoo, prioritize Strength and Perception, as these stats govern his overall damage output and precision (ensuring you always deal at least a minimum amount of damage).

When it comes to equipping Artifacts, focus on completing set bonuses rather than haphazardly mixing and matching pieces. Set bonuses provide substantial stat boosts, often outweighing the benefits of individual high-level pieces. Additionally, pay close attention to main stats; prioritize pieces with desirable primary attributes like Attack, Critical Hit Rate, and Defense Penetration.

Finally, don’t overlook the power of skills, runes, and blessings. Leveling up your most frequently used abilities and socketing them with potent runes can greatly enhance their effectiveness. Blessings, too, offer valuable passive bonuses that can tilt the scales in your favor during heated battles.

Daily Responsibilities

As with any successful mobile game, consistent play is rewarded in Solo Leveling Arise. Be sure to log in daily to claim check-in rewards, redeem fresh codes for bonus resources, and collect your Activity Funds – a steady source of experience, Gold, and other goodies that accumulate over time.

Completing daily and weekly missions is also a must, as they provide a substantial influx of Essence Stones and experience points to fuel your character progression. And don’t forget to sweep your available Gates each day, clearing them efficiently to earn valuable rewards while conserving your action points.

By making Solo Leveling Arise a part of your daily routine, you’ll ensure a constant stream of resources and progression, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Solo Leveling Arise is a deep and rewarding experience, but one that can quickly become overwhelming for newcomers. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the game and unlocking the full potential of Sung Jinwoo and his formidable crew of Hunters. Stay focused, manage your resources wisely, and don’t hesitate to refer back to this guide as you continue your journey to become the ultimate Monarch of Shadows.


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