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The Biggest Scandal of League of Legends happened in VCS

In a huge scandal for League of Legends esports, there were allegations in March 2024 that many players fixed matches in Vietnam’s top professional league. The Vietnam Championship Series (VCS), the best LoL competition in the country, had to postpone its Spring Split with no set end date. This was because of an investigation into players improperly influencing who won matches.

Many Players Suspended and Banned

Facing this severe situation, the VCS organizers responded quickly. A shocking 32 players and coaches from all teams were temporarily suspended while they looked into the allegations of players fixing matches. As the investigation went deeper, harsh punishments started being given out.

The sanctions meted out were unprecedented in their severity. A total of 28 players received bans ranging from 6 months to permanent disqualification from all competitive play. The harshest punishments were reserved for the Rainbow Warriors organization, which was permanently barred from all Riot Games-affiliated tournaments. Additionally, three Rainbow Warriors members and two players from SBTC Esports received permanent bans.

An Unprecedented Scandal

Never before had a major regional League of Legends league seen match-fixing on such a huge scale. The VCS’s extreme actions, including the suspensions, bans, and disbanding an entire team, showed just how widespread the corruption had become across the whole league. Remarkably, every single team had players suspended or banned.

The timing could not have been worse for the VCS. Its Spring champion was meant to represent Vietnam at the major Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) event. But with the split canceled suddenly, the whole region was left uncertain about going to MSI.

A Warning for Pro Players

This scandal is a serious warning that match-fixing is a huge breach of integrity. Though the reasons are unclear, it damages the legitimacy of competition. The severe bans aim to stop it happening again and preserve esports.

An Uncertain Future for the VCS

Despite having talented players and top teams, the match-fixing scandal has cast a dark shadow over the VCS. Regaining trust in the league will be an enormous challenge. Only time will tell if the Vietnamese League of Legends scene can recover.

The 2024 VCS match-fixing scandal was definitely one of the biggest integrity issues in League of Legends esports history. Its stunning spread and severity shook the foundations of Vietnam’s pro scene. As the aftermath continues, all eyes are on the VCS to see if it can emerge from this sordid affair.

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