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The Best Live Action Anime Series 2024

During recent years, live action anime adaptations are evolving. These shows are no longer met with scepticism but are captivating both fans and newcomers alike. They mix faithful storytelling with fresh interpretations. Here are some best live action anime you can watch in 2024 which will certainly blow you away.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

This series brings to life the classic we all loved. Fantastic production values and a faithful adaptation of the characters and plot bring the fantastical world to life. The bending effects are particularly remarkable and demonstrate the strength and fluidity of this unique element. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering this epic tale, this must be added on your must-watch live action series.

One Piece

Another standout is “One Piece,” a live action take on the iconic pirate anime. Cinematography brings the vast ocean, intricate landscapes and iconic ships to life. But it’s the characters who really shine, from Luffy’s corny antics to Zoro’s steely might. This is a series to watch for fans who want a faithful and exciting adventure.


This anime has it all, for suspense and visual brilliance for those looking for suspense and visual flair. This series takes viewers into Hyakkaou Private Academy where gambling is the key to social status. Sets aplenty, costumes to die for and performances to match, every gamble has big consequences. Prepare for an intense and visually stunning ride.

Alice in Borderland

Next up is “Alice in Borderland,” a live action thriller that sends hopeless characters into a frantic race for survival. Captured within a cryptic world, they have to play deadly games, each with their very own challenges and rules. Just like the original anime, very high stakes and mind games keep viewers on their toes.


Lastly, this uplifting series stars Suzuko Kuroe, a high school girl struggling with friendship and self-acceptance. Re:Mind is a coming-of-age tale based upon the original anime. The series explores empathy, forgiveness and the value of human connection. The live action takes on characters and their struggles and makes the journey more relatable for viewers.


These five series are a taste of live-action anime. From action and psychological thrillers to touching coming-of-age stories and high-stakes games, there is something there for everybody. So get lost in and find your new favorite show in this mix of classic tales and new perspectives.


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