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The BEST Games To Play For Low Spec PC in 2024

It is 2024 and your faithful PC still runs. It may be a little older tech-wise – however, that does not mean you cannot play some excellent games. Plenty of fantastic titles that operate sluggishly on low-spec PCs and can give you hours of enjoyment without lags! These are a few best games for low spec pc 2024 that will not break the bank or your laptop!

Stardew Valley: The Timeless Farming Sim

This pixelated gem is a loved classic for a good reason. Stardew Valley is a pixelated dreamland where you inherit your grandpa’s farm. Bring new life to the land, rear animals, grow food, befriend eccentric town folk, and perhaps even love! Relaxing, addicting, and remarkably deep – Stardew Valley will become your brand new home inside your PC. 

Hollow Knight: Masterpiece of Metroidvania

Next off, you’ll have a trip to the destroyed kingdom of Hallownest in Hollow Knight once you download the game. It is a Metroidvania masterpiece with hand-drawn art, an expansive intertwined world to discover and punish fighting that involves high skill. What makes this game stand out is the appeal and feeling of discovery which are quite addictive. It would leave you in curiosity as to what’s next.

Celeste: A Tale of Overcoming Obstacles

Moving on, we’ve got Celeste. In this game, you’re supposed to climb a mountain. However, it has an exceptional design, tight controls, and an amazingly emotional arc which makes it really stand out in this list. Tough but reasonable difficulty and pixel-perfect detail aside, Celeste is a satisfying and touching game that tells how spectacular visuals are not important to create a beautiful game.

Slay the Spire: Deckbuilding with a Bite Size

All card game lovers gather over here! This is your cup of tea! Slay the Spire is a rogue deckbuilder that pits you against progressively effective adversaries in several anxious fights. You will gather cards with various abilities and strengths that can be used against your enemy strategically. The replayability factor of the game is outrageous, with a huge number of levels and various character classes to uncover – all presented in an extremely pleasing but underrated art style.

FTL: Quicker Than Light: Space Captain for a Day

In FTL: Faster Than Light, they place you in command of a desperate spaceship navigating an unstable galaxy. You can control your ship, update your ship, and make difficult choices while you face aliens, piracy, and challenging events. It is a roguelike so every run differs – which offers hours of replay value in a remarkably heavy strategy expertise.

Rimworld: The Best of Colony Management

For all those seeking a far more challenging experience, Rimworld has you covered. In Rimworld, you have to construct and keep a space colony in this colony manage a sim, and accommodate to explore new solutions & defenses. Rimworld boasts procedurally generated worlds and booming strategic gameplay loop – all in the abilities of even low-end PCs – providing you with limitless replayability. 


Great games in 2024 are playable even with a low-spec PC! From easy adventures to intense space battles – this list has it covered on low-end PCs. So start your machine, get a game (they are easy and cheap to obtain also!), and prepare for some epic adventures!

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