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The Best Games Like Wuthering Waves 2024

Wuthering Waves has been infamous for being a role-playing game that recently made its debut. This action game has been compared to a legendary, well-known game called Genshin Impact but the main question is, what other games resemble Wuthering Waves in 2024? Let’s dive in to find out! 

Genshin Impact

Just like Wuthering Waves, Genshin Impact is another huge open-world mobile game. In this game, you gather awesome characters (through a gacha system) and battle. Both games concentrate on creating a solid team and on discovering secrets as you go along. But Genshin Impact is more anime-style and more open-world exploration and puzzle-solving-based, while Wuthering Waves is action-packed and fast-paced.

Honkai Star Rail

Another Genshin Impact game, Honkai Star Rail, is a similar space exploration and gathering game centered on characters like Wuthering Waves. However, rather than live-action battles, Honkai Star Rail features turn-based fighting where you prepare your strikes. 

Additionally, it seems more narrative-based, along with you decoding galaxies with your crew while you go through space. Honkai Star Rail is the next cosmic conquest in case you loved Wuthering Waves’ collection aspect and planet exploration but it requires strategic fighting and a story!

Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy and Wuthering Waves can satisfy that urge for vast, open-world adventures, too! Both games let you lose yourself in a huge world of difficulties and secrets. You will team up with assorted characters (through gacha mechanics) to fight bosses and find out secret missions. However, Tower of Fantasy is more explorative, and also you can move at your own personal pace while Wuthering Waves might have a quicker fighting system.

Punishing Gray Raven

The two games are designed for action! You will control your characters in real-time while they unleash their special abilities and swirl of action against foes. Just like Wuthering Waves, Punishing Gray Raven gathers characters through a gacha system – so a strategic group with complementary skills is essential. 

Both games feature spectacular fighting with special effects and slick moves to make battles look incredible. If Wuthering Waves had you convinced, Punishing Gray Raven provides another level of intensity with an intelligent little flourish of combat.

Aether Gazer

Still itching for the best games like Wuthering Waves? Well, take a look at Aether Gazer – an additional mobile game in which you develop a group of characters! Both games are like pocket action films. You control your characters directly, battling adversaries because of their specific skills in real-time. 

As in Wuthering Waves you gather heroes in a gacha process therefore getting a great group with various powers is essential. Additionally, both games include flashy strikes and awesome effects which make fights enjoyable to watch! So in case you loved Wuthering Waves action and cool space scenery, you may like Aether Gazer!


These were some of the best games like Wuthering Waves. So, if you’re someone who has finished Wuthering Waves and is looking for something similar, give these games a try. Also, make sure to let us know your thoughts about these games in the comments down below! 


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