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The best Clash Royale players in 2023

Clash Royale, the strategic mobile card game, has captivated players worldwide since 2016. It has become a leading strategy game with captivating battles, various decks, and a global player base. Season 2023 saw the rise of some truly exceptional players who demonstrated their tactical prowess and deck management skills. This article aims to shed light on some of the best players of Clash Royale Season 2023.

Importance of decks for the best players in Clash Royale

In Clash Royale, your deck is your main weapon. It defines your play style, strategy, and approach to winning battles. The ability to compose, adapt, and manage a deck effectively differentiates a good player from a great one.

Top Clash Royale players in 2023


Gifted with a strategic mind, Woo employs a formidable deck composed of cards such as Graveyard, Evolved Knight, Dragon Baby, Ice Mage, Poison, Tornado, Tombstone, and Barbarian Barrel. These cards allow for powerful combinations and unique defenses. This mix of offensive and defensive dominance makes Woo one of the best players this season.


Betfas, one of the standout players of Season 2023, uses a unique deck that incorporates cards such as X-Bow, Evolved Knight, Fireball, Archers, Electric Spirit, Skeletons, Tesla, and Trunk. The synergy between these cards and Betfas’ ability to react quickly to changing circumstances makes him a formidable player in the game.


RICHARD has established a dominant presence in Clash Royale thanks to his intricate understanding of the game’s mechanics and a deck that includes Evolved Knight, Dragon Baby, Graveyard, Boleadora, Infernal Dragon, Ice Mage, Freeze and Tornado. His ability to perfectly calculate and place his assaults has made him a notable player this season.


RemiEli demonstrates sophistication and innovation in his play with a well-composed deck that includes Evolved Knight, Miner, Wallbreaker, Bomb Tower, Spear Goblins, Magic Archer, Tornado, and The Log. His ability to efficiently use these cards based on evolving battlefield dynamics puts him among this season’s best players.

Pegs Leve

Pegs Leve deploys a power-packed deck consisting of Evolved Knight, Royal Giant, Hunter, Goblins, Fisherman, Fireball, The Log, and Electric Spirit. His aggressive yet balanced play style has made him a formidable opponent in the Clash Royale community.


Spectacular strategic play is what elevates Yodacho in the Clash Royale rankings. Thanks to cards like Evolved Knight, Sparky, Goblin Giant, Phoenix, Hunter, Lightning Bolt, Giant Snowball, and Barbarian Barrel, Yodacho has never ceased to amaze spectators and rivals alike.

Mohammed Light

Mohammed Light brings to the battlefield an effective deck that includes the Wall Breakers, Evolved Knight, Miner, Poison, Bats, Spear Goblins, Bomb Tower, and Log. Combined with his strategic brilliance, these cards have set a high benchmark for other players, making him stand out as one of the best.

Clash Royale Season 2023 was spectacular, offering intense battles, dramatic twists, and incredible strategy displays. The top players excelled with their decks and demonstrated a deep understanding of the game, exemplary strategy, and the ability to adapt to unfavorable circumstances. Looking ahead to next season, these players serve as a continuing inspiration.

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