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Teamfight Tactics Pengu Best Comps COMPLETE GUIDE

Since then TFT has undergone several sets since release, each with a different set of champions, traits and mechanics. The meta is always changing and Riot Games always updates the game to keep it balanced and fresh. Understanding the current set’s mechanics and staying updated with patches are crucial for success. Here are some TFT Pengu Best Comps:


A special mode has been added to celebrate Teamfight Tactics’ 5th anniversary, combining some classic characteristics with new units. This means that it is not always obvious which champions and strategies can weather the wild chaos of Pengu’s Party.

Pengu’s Party gives each player two additional old-school trait buffs throughout the game. Some champions and strategies will do well with certain vintage characteristics while others will need to be flexible enough to take full advantage of the available variety of traits.

Yordle Reroll

For comps in Pengu’s Party, the Yordle Reroll is powerful yet simple to do. In this configuration, activating the Yordle trait is simple: Stack five different three-star champions and you unlock Veigar – often the game’s ultimate closure. To play it, aim for the least contested one-cost champions and reroll. Favorites are Kobuko, Caitlyn, Ahri, Garen, Malphite, Cho’Gath and Kog’Maw.

Reaper Kayn

Using the Boss ability in Pengu’s Party is a nostalgic and fun addition to the game, with Kayn taking the role of the ultimate bearer of Boss Knuckles. Reaper Kayn is a natural fit for this setup, alongside Yone in particular – they work well together. Beyond specific champions, the Boss comp has flexibility with different trait combinations and has both AD and Magic damage potential. It is thus an excellent option for any strategy and it boasts a remarkable cast of characters.


Big vertical traits are a reliable choice because they offer a range of carry units that can effectively utilize various old-school traits. For instance, Storyweaver stands out with Irelia, who can make the most of the Glacial trait using the Glacial Mallet. Additionally, Storyweaver pairs well with the Trainer trait, enabling Nomsy to start stacking early, making it a strong option from the beginning of the game.

Sage Flex

Sage Flex is one of the most prominent compositions in Pengu Party and Set 11 overall. This diverse comp has some great champions in Lillia and Morgana, both great magic damage carries, and Wukong, a great melee attack carry. With a solid cast and tried and true stats -based attributes, Sage Flex is always at the top of the lobby table. It’s a potent option for securing top spots in any match.


This Sniper Warden team comp is pretty straightforward and uses the Shimmerscale trait to gain some extra loot so Ashe, Syndra, and Aphelios can load up easily. The Glacial trait grants Ashe the Glacial Hammer, which she can use to stun enemies.


Pengu’s Party has some good and fun comps to look at. Here are TFT pengu best comps that you can try, Whether it’s the mighty Yordle Reroll, the slick Sage Flex, or the combined force of Trainer and Storyweaver, knowing how to play to the strengths of each comp is key to success. Keeping things fluid and utilizing both new and old-school characteristics will keep you firmly at the top and take full advantage of the dynamic gameplay Pengu’s Party has to offer in TFT.

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