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Teamfight Tactics: How To Get Mythic Medallions

Hello TFT players! It’s normal to get sick of the same or constant loot. If you are here, we suppose you want a CHANGE! You are at the right place! This time, we will dive deep into the details of how to get Mythic Medallions in Teamfight Tactics. These new tokens are the key to unlocking many rewarding things. So, let’s find out some ways how to get TFT Mythic Medallions!

What are Mythic Medallions?

Every game has a currency. Similarly, TFT has a currency that lets you buy amazing rewards and prizes. They are responsible for unlocking a special shop that rotates fancy stuff. Spoiler alert – you can think of the chibi ver of your favorite champions, different arenas, and even more surprises in the future. Now if you would like some change in your game and wish to earn Mythic Medallions, we’re going to discuss a number of the simple ways you can earn them.

Ways to Earn Mythic Medallions

As you know every game requires you to play it until you earn some rewards. That is the case with TFT games! Even if you lose or win a game, you will be rewarded with Mythic Medallions. But some of the most effective ways you can earn Mythic Medallions is by reaching for the top! When you hit some special milestones, the game rewards you with a chunk of Mythic Medallions. So, make sure to keep leveling up in the game and show off your skills!

Other Potential Ways to Earn

A game has a diverse range of opportunities. TFT is the same because there are many potential ways you can earn Mythic Medallions in it. One of the ways includes keeping an eye on special events, difficult challenges, or even hidden events that Riot Games might surprise you with. It’s all about keeping an eye on an opportunity that you can hit!

What to Spend Your Mythic Medallions On

Your rotating shop holds your amazing rewards. You could use your hard-earned Mythic Medallions to do the following:

  • Chibi Champions: These are extremely adorable, miniature champions of your favorite heroes. We want you to imagine a small Jinx causing chaos on the battlefield, that is pretty cute, right?
  • Arenas: Another thing you can spend your Mythic Medallions on includes Arenas! You can season your battlefield with fresh arenas that represent your individual style. Your champions clash in a futuristic town or a forest!
  • Special Content: Special store surprises might even exist – like customization or unique emotes. Who knows what awesome things Riot has planned?


Mythic Medallions is an excellent way to make Teamfight Tactics even more fun. Reaching new heights and playing your favorite game means unlocking extraordinary rewards that make your TFT experience extra special. So why don’t you begin planning, climb this ladder, and prepare to deck out your game in some really amazing loot? And don’t forget to let us know your thoughts about Mythical Medallions in the comments down below!

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