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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor patch brings ‘solid 60fps’ to consoles, DLSS to PC

Electronic Arts has released a performance update for all platforms. With this update, EA promises ‘solid 60fps’ for the console versions in Performance Mode. The PC version also gets optimization improvements and gets DLSS support.

The Performance console mode has been “completely redone” in Patch 7 with cpu and gpu optimizations, which should achieve solid 60fps. The publisher has also disabled raytracing in this mode. Quality Mode should show fewer fps fluctuations after the update and comes with “visual improvements. For the PlayStation 5, variable refresh rate has been added.

Apart from the optimization and performance improvements, EA says it has fixed certain bugs, such as a bug that prevented players from regaining their XP after being defeated by enemies. In addition, EA says the update further prevents corrupted save games.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was released for PC and consoles in late April. The game was praised for its gameplay, but was criticized for poor optimizations for the PC version in particular. EA apologized for this after release. Since then, developer Respawn Entertainment has released several updates aimed at improving the game’s performance.

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