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Sega Leaker Switch 2 Codename: Insider Reveals Next-Gen Console Details

Within the gaming community, speculation has been building around the next iteration of Nintendo’s popular console, following the confirmation from Nintendo’s top executive that details would be forthcoming within the fiscal year. While enthusiasts eagerly await official news, the rumor mill churns with potential codenames for what has been colloquially referred to as the Switch 2, a moniker not yet ratified by the Japanese gaming titan.

Amid various conjectures, a particularly interesting theory has emerged, tying a rumored hardware advancement for an iconic Nintendo title to the potential codename of the new console. This hypothesis is grounded in analyses of developmental software and insights from a renowned figure in the gaming leak arena, suggesting that Nintendo may be positioning its hardware upgrade to strike a balance between enhanced performance and the company’s established commitment to portable gaming convenience.

“Ounce” May Be Potential Codename for Next Nintendo Console, Suggests Midori

Industry insider Midori has recently mentioned that “Ounce” might be a contender for the codename of Nintendo’s anticipated follow-up to its popular gaming console. The discussion around the next iteration has seen terms like “Switch 2” and “New Switch” surface, but these are likely placeholders rather than the official title. Adding to the conjecture, it has been pointed out that naming the upcoming device is probably an internal matter, with the actual name still under wraps.

Historically, Nintendo’s codenames for its consoles have tended to be dropped in favor of brand-new titles upon official launch, harkening back to the original Switch’s pre-release alias, “NX.” Enthusiasts are buzzing with anticipation, eager for the company’s formal announcement concerning the upgraded console’s true designation and features.

For context, the Nintendo Switch, a late entrant to the eighth generation of consoles, defined versatility in gaming with its dual-use capability, allowing players to shift between home entertainment and portable enjoyment. This innovation was first available to the public paired with the critically acclaimed title “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” Over time, Nintendo extended the Switch family with the addition of the more compact Switch Lite and the enhanced Nintendo Switch OLED Model.

Here are the specifications of the Nintendo Switch series:

  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Original Release Date: March 3, 2017
  • Hardware Versions:
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Nintendo Switch Lite
    • Nintendo Switch OLED Model
  • Original MSRP (USD):
    • Switch: $299
    • Lite: $199.99
    • OLED: $349.99
  • Weight:
    • Switch: 0.88 lbs
    • Lite: 0.61 lbs
    • OLED: 0.93 lbs
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