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SaGa Emerald Beyond Character Tier List

Welcome to the ultimate SaGa Emerald Beyond character tier list! If you’re looking to find the best heroes, master their skills, and elevate your gameplay, you’ve come to the right place. Dive in and discover which characters in the game will lead you to victory!

What is SaGa?

The SaGa series by Square Enix is a goldmine of RPGs where you can choose your path and explore vast worlds. Each game tells a unique story, offering new surprises every time. It all began in 1989 with the groundbreaking “Final Fantasy Legend” (originally “Makai Toshi SaGa”), the first RPG ever on a handheld console! With over a dozen games and millions of fans, SaGa is a true RPG legend.



Calling all magic lovers! This character’s the ultimate teammate for everyone except Mido. She maxes out her intelligence easily, gets awesome gear that makes magic a breeze, and even learns powerful Metal spells for free! Plus, by playing her story right, you can unlock a special bonus for future playthroughs. Don’t miss out!

A Tier


You can snag Boh early on, either with Tsunanori or Ameya. This sharp-eyed sharpshooter (pistol-wielding Kugutsu, for those not in the know) is a total asset to your team. Forget the whole “animated doll” thing, he’s got serious combat skills!  

He might not be around all the time, but his personality makes up for it. Dude’s hilarious, always cracking jokes to lighten the mood. And don’t even question his loyalty, he’ll fight by your side no matter what, until the very end.


Wednesday’s your go-to recruit as Diva No. 5. She’s a total blast – all fun personality but with serious fighting chops. We’re talking heavy armor and big damage. Plus, she’s got more HP, so she sticks around longer in fights. The best part? Her tough exterior hides this super lively, excited side that comes out when she levels up. Trust me, she’ll light up your team and make the game way more fun.


Don’t miss Dolores! This fierce fighter with a unique design is the strongest recruit. Her unwavering loyalty and battle prowess make her a dream teammate. She’ll not only crush fiends with her special abilities but also provide invaluable advice during combat. Add her to your party and watch your victories soar!

B Tier


If you’re looking to beef up your squad, you’ve gotta check out Macha. She’s this cool goddess knockoff who’s way more badass than she looks. Sure, she started out helping Ameya with some witch stuff, but now she’s a permanent party member who’ll rock your world. 

Don’t let her frilly outfit fool you – she’ll surprise you in a fight. Plus, she’s a total mood-lifter. Having her around is like having your own personal cheerleader who can also throw down when things get rough. Trust me, your team needs a Macha.

Shinobu Kato

Forget magic in Pulchra, guys aren’t even allowed to be witches! But that doesn’t mean Shinobu can’t be a total badass. He’s fiercely loyal to Ameya, always there to back her up. Messing up? Not on Shinobu’s watch. He keeps his feelings in check, gotta stay focused, right? Dressed to the nines and proper as can be, this guy would take a bullet for Ameya. He’s basically Pulchra’s own personal bodyguard, always there to lend a hand (or a sword) to the witches, whatever they need.

C Tier


Lolo’s not your average cat – he’s a sassy, talking powerhouse. Sticks with Ameya from the start and can absorb fiends to use their abilities. Yeah, it sounds weird, but it’s effective in fights. He might seem rule-bound, but he’ll bend ’em when it counts. Keep leveling him up and you’ll have a furry little badass on your team. Trust me, Lolo’s way more than just a cute sidekick – he’s a game-changer.


Listen up, Imakoo is your go-to werewolf ally. You can snag him as Diva No. 5 or find him in Yomi, but don’t miss out. This guy’s a powerhouse against the vampire king’s wardens. He can absorb fiends and use their abilities, making him a total game-changer in fights. Plus, his werewolf form is seriously intimidating. Trust me, you want Imakoo on your team.


Wrap it up! In SaGa Emerald Beyond, there’s no one-size-fits-all best character. It’s all about how you play and what kind of team you build. Sure, folks like Ameya and Boh are magic machines, but the real fun comes from experimenting and finding the characters that fit your battle style. So grab your favorites, tinker with their skills, and go conquer some quests!

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