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Rockstar expands GTA+ subscription with access to certain classic games

Rockstar has expanded its GTA+ subscription to include access to a varying selection of “classic games. Subscribers can now play the remastered Definitive Edition versions of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas. GTA+ costs six euros per month.

Game access in GTA+ lets users download, install and play Rockstar-selected games as long as they are in that GTA+ selection. Rockstar says that this selection will change; thus, the three Grand Theft Auto games will likely not be playable through GTA+ over time without additional purchase. Rockstar says it will pass “classic Rockstar games” in the subscription, not just GTA games.

GTA+ is a subscription that offers perks for GTA Online, such as free cars, access to purchase additional cars, clothing and additional monthly in-game money. The subscription is only available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. Thus, PC players do not have access to GTA+ nor can they play the GTA+ games on PC, even though the Definitive Edition games were released for PC. Rockstar unveiled GTA+ in March last year.

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