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Release free-to-play shooter The Division

In addition to two games of The Division, work is also underway on a spin-off called The Division: Heartland. The release of the free-to-play shooter may already be sooner than expected.

The Division did not have too good a start, with a game that looked nothing like the very impressive demo that was shown during E3 2013. What’s more, there was fairly little content for a game that was supposed to last precisely years. But developer Massive Entertainment has since been working hard to deliver on its promises, and a sequel has since been released and The Division 3 was recently announced.

In addition, a free-to-play spin-off is also in the works in the form of The Division: Heartland. The game was announced in 2021 and was supposed to release in the same year or 2022, but we haven’t heard much about it since then except for a Cinematic Intro.

It just seems that The Division: Heartland could possibly come out soon. Indeed, the game has received a rating from the Taiwan rating board. Heartland will appear in the country with a rating of PG-15, due to “awesome, inappropriate language and anti-social displays.

How long until release?

Generally, games are not rated until development is fairly advanced. In fact, no more major tweaks will be made, otherwise a game will have to pass the rating board again for a review.

According to leaker Kurakasis, who noticed the rating, it normally takes two to two-and-a-half months for a game to be released after a rating. If Ubisoft keeps up the same pace, we can expect The Division: Heartland in January or February.

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