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Playing Aggressively in Fortnite: When to Push Opponents

Many consider playing aggressively in Fortnite to be what the game is all about. While Fortnite is a fast-paced game, planning pushes contributes to easier victories. Consider everything from the opponent’s damage to the player’s mobility. This post will explore everything that should be considered before pushing and playing Fortnite aggressively.

Why Pushing Opponents is Often The Wrong Choice

W-keying enemy players, where one gets the opponent weak and pursues them, can be overrated for several reasons. Firstly, it often leads to tunnel vision, making players vulnerable to third parties and other adverse situations. Additionally, pushing opponent makes players predictable, allowing the opponent to set up traps. Mobility items, such as Nitro gloves or shockwaves, are frequently used during a chase, leaving the chaser without an escape option if the situation turns unfavorable. For instance, using all mobility items while chasing can leave a player stranded if the opponent turns the fight or if a third party appears.

Opponents often heal while being chased, which many players forget. Healing in Fortnite is relatively quick with items like The Machinist Medallion, fish, and Nuka Cola. Therefore, an opponent may be at full health despite appearing weak initially. In zero build mode, the overshield regenerates over time, making initial damage less impactful.

When to W-Key

Despite the risks, there are situations where chasing is justified. Playing aggressively and aiming for high kill games can warrant chasing. If an opponent is considered a threat or has valuable items, pushing them might be the best play for the win. However, good players can turn the fight around and players need to be aware of that.

Chasing is more likely if the opponent has a medallion, especially if the type of medallion is known. For example, obtaining the Megalodon Medallion, which provides unlimited sprint and Mythic gloves, can be highly beneficial. However, the risk remains, as skilled opponents may counter-attack effectively.

Avoiding Tunnel Vision

To avoid tunnel vision, consider potential scenarios where the opponent might turn the fight. If the opponent gains high ground or positions themselves around a corner, they might set a trap. When chasing, assume the opponent is waiting around the corner and approach cautiously. Cutting off the opponent’s path rather than following directly can reduce the chances of a counter-attack.

How to Push Fortnite Opponents in Cars

Weaker players often use cars to escape. Utilizing the pickaxe trick, where the pickaxe is swung while entering the car, can damage the opponent inside. EMPs are also effective in stopping vehicles, forcing the opponent to fight on foot. However, chasing players with medallions can attract third parties, increasing the risk.

When Not to Push Opponents in Fortnite

Avoid chasing when already weak or after using mobility items. For instance, if an opponent returns damage during a chase, it may not be wise to continue. Additionally, if the opponent is not a significant threat, it may be better to let them go and engage later. Chasing in areas with multiple players can lead to easy third-party eliminations, particularly in late-game scenarios.

Handling Being Chased

When being chased, breaking line of sight is crucial. Utilizing corners or changes in elevation can confuse the opponent, providing an opportunity to heal or turn the fight. Quick heals, like Nuka Cola or flowery fizz, are advantageous.

Look for opportunities to use the opponent’s confidence against them. Overconfident chasers often expect a passive response, creating openings for a counter-attack. For example, baiting a car into an unfavorable position, like the terrain and fences at Lavish, can turn a difficult fight into an easy one.

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