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Path to Glory Promo and Market Impact

The Path to Glory promo is kicking off in full flow with surprising new content drops. This promo is set to feature EURO and Copa America players. Over the course of the promo, expect big names like Zidane and Brazilian heroes like an upgraded Ronaldinho to enter the mix. Overpowered cards in packs have significantly impacted the market. New SBCs have been added, some requiring just an 86-rated team. Watch out for heavy market fluctuations this week as more content drops daily.

Market Crashing Because of the  Path to Glory Promo?

Prices are fluctuating heavily because of these Path to Glory cards. The SBC content over the past two days has been offering high-rated players that could go straight into any team. The whole of this week should bring good content, with leaked SBCs for Crespo, Araujo, and Enzo Fernandez expected to arrive soon. These could impact center-back prices further. Weekend content has been strong, and we expect more today. Hero or icon picks might not be worth it due to their current value and alternate players being available in plenty.

Notable Player SBCs

  1. Didier Drogba: Priced at 780,000 coins, this nine-squad SBC brings a powerful striker known for his hold-up play and heading abilities. However, its value is debatable, considering similar alternatives. Given the end-game scenario, investing 780,000 coins for a player might not be the best move. Exchanging fodder for a player of this value is the optimal strategy. Save your fodder cards to complete this SBC without spending coins.
  2. Joe Gomez: This SBC, priced at 732,000 coins, has high potential due to consistent performance and a unique body type. With possible upgrades, it could be a worthwhile investment, especially given his long ball and defensive play styles. Depending on England’s performance, this card could also receive a boost through evolution and other enhancements.

Players using Kounde may need a big body bruiser-type center-back, like VVD or Konate, to pair with Gomez to stop crosses. Gomez can also play right back with a shadow. This card has great potential, and is certainly worth completing the SBC.

Price Fluctuations & Evolutions

Prices are dropping drastically because of the Path to Glory Promo. Ruben Diaz, valued at 1.2 million, is down to 500,000 coins. Sergio Ramos also dropped from a million coins to much lower. The center-back market is down. With the upgrade packs and store content, the market is fluctuating. PTG cards, Copa America cards, and Euros cards are all affected. Harry Kane dropped from 550,000 coins to 340,000 coins. Haaland, VVD, and Ronaldo have all seen significant drops. The market is unpredictable, but Euro cards could be good investments.

We are waiting for potential midfielder or defender evolutions in the Academy Evolution. Watching player prices is crucial as they could drop further before rebounding with upgrades. Euro cards, starting this week, could be particularly valuable investments. Also on a lighter note regarding packs, EA did not refresh daily bronze, silver, and gold upgrade packs, which are crucial for crafting SBCs. This affects players who rely on these packs. EA released a 525k promo pack that disappeared due to high pack weight, resulting in heavy market drops.

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