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Overwatch Season 11 Skins COMPLETE List

Heroes, prepare for battle! Season 11 of Overwatch 2 is out now and it’s a Super Mega Ultra Watch ride. This season takes you back to a real-time Japanese era full of superhero flair and gorgeous new skins. Explore the new Overwatch 2 chapter and discover the new content and updates waiting for you!


Overwatch 2 Season 11 was just revealed and will launch later this month. The theme of this new season was predicted accurately by leaks from last week. Super Mega Ultra Watch will feature retro Japanese live-action elements (Tokusatsu), including classic special effects and monster costumes. If this launch timing is any indication of the season 10 Battle Pass, then we should see the new Season premiere around June 20.

Some new skins have leaked from Blizzard, while other leaks have surfaced that reveal even more cosmetic details. You can see all the coming skins for Overwatch 2 Season 11 below.

Sojourn, Reaper, Genji Skins

In the Season 11 short trailer, Blizzard revealed new skins for Sojourn, Reaper, and Genji. These skins are a throwback to the Power Rangers with iconic costume designs that channel retro Japanese film nostalgia. You can also expect some tacky, goofy aesthetics and cheeky emotes to round out the experience.

Cassidy, Ana, and Wrecking Ball Skins

The teaser image from Blizzard suggested new skins for Cassidy, Ana and Wrecking Ball. These skins have the same mechanical details and stick to the Power Rangers theme. A fuller Season 11 teaser trailer should arrive soon so we can get a better idea of these new designs.

Zenyatta, Lucio, Roadhog Skins

New Zenyatta, Lucio and Roadhog skins have been leaked. These skins play with the monster costume theme from classic Japanese anime films such as Godzilla. Zenyatta and Roadhog’s skins are confirmed to be Legendary and part of the Ultimate Battle Pass, while Lucio’s skin will be an Epic in the Starter Pack.

Pink Mercy Returns

It looks like Mercy’s iconic Pink Skin is resurfacing in a new color scheme – possibly called Rose Gold. This new skin is likely to be part of a charity bundle, continuing Overwatch’s tradition of helping the cause.


Overwatch 2 Season 11, themed “Super Mega Ultra Watch,” offers players an exciting blend of retro Japanese live-action elements and superhero aesthetics. The season features new skins inspired by Power Rangers and classic monster costumes, embracing a nostalgic Tokusatsu style. With a mix of revealed and leaked content, including skins for various characters and the return of a redesigned Pink Mercy, this season promises to deliver a unique and visually engaging experience for Overwatch fans.

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