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One Piece: Will Zoro Fight Against Nusjuro?

The brand-new One Piece spoilers suggest a surprising encounter. Remember Bonney of the Sabaody series which saved Zoro’s life? Evidently, she might soon have company. Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro is a new strongman who recently defeated a gigantic robot on the island. And who is he targeting next? Is it Zoro? Let’s find out!

Who is Nusjuro?

Nusjuro is known to be one of the most powerful antagonists in One Piece. He’s among the Five Elders and one of the top authority figures within the World Government. He’s not a figure to be messed with. However, fans are not worried because Zoro is a beast himself who has been killing a lot of powerful enemies previously. 

As for his powers, Nusjuro can produce ice using his strength by covering his sword in it to freeze his enemies. He can also bite foes as a complete Bakotsu. 

Zoro Vs. Nusjuro Battle Ending the Egghead Arc

In the brand new One Piece spoilers, it was speculated that Nusjuro defeated all of the Mark III Pacifista on the Island and he made his way to Jewelry Bonney’s group. While many fans were worried about this upcoming encounter, it seems that Eiichiro Oda is setting up a plot with this news. 

Afterward, fans came across Jewelry Bonney within the Sabaody Archipelago arc. They heard she’d been rescued by Zoro who even attempted to murder a Celestial Dragon. At the same time, fans also found out the first form of Bonney who had a very childlike appearance.

Now, One Piece Chapter 1116 hints at Zoro potentially battling Nusjuro. Let’s talk about the reasons why this battle might happen in the first place!

Zoro’s Drive and Nusjuro’s Introduction

Straw Hat Pirate swordsman Zoro is relentlessly working to be the very best swordsman on the planet. He actively seeks out proficient adversaries to challenge his capabilities. Chapter 1113 presented Saint Nusjuro, a skeletal horse yokai (supernatural figure in Japanese mythology). This indicates that Nusjuro would be a great fighter against Zoro because he’s interested in Swordsmanship. 

Thematic Relationships and Fan Theories

In the last chapter, Zoro murdered one powerful swordsman named King. The skeletal look of Nusjuro might relate to a “grim reaper” figure thematically related to Zoro’s near-death experience during the struggle with King.

There’s a lot of buzz regarding this fight online. Several fans speculate this particular fight is a means for Zoro to perfect his skills or possibly to get a brand new sword (perhaps from Nusjuro). 


Are you looking forward to two swordsmen fighting it out till their last breath? While nothing is confirmed yet, fans keep on speculating that there will be a stage set for both of these characters fighting in the next chapter to put an end to the Egghead Arc

If you are someone who loves sword fighting, make sure to read the next One Piece chapter and get ready to speculate on one of the best fights. Let us know your thoughts about this upcoming fight in the comments below! 

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