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One Piece: Why Are There So Many Vegapunks? EXPLAINED

One Piece enthusiasts, keep your hats! Everyone knows Dr. Vegapunk as the genius but an eccentric Marine scientist. However, a new reveal within the Egghead Island arc has challenged what we knew. And here is the twist! There’s no individual Vegapunk! 

That is correct, several Vegapunks are clearly roaming about. This was an absolute shock and has everybody asking themselves – what’s up with the Vegapunk swarm? So is this some type of incredible science experiment gone wrong and can there be some strategic motive for this? Let us break down the mysteries together!

Vegapunk’s Role in One Piece

One Piece’s mad scientist Dr. Vegapunk has been a crucial participant in the Egghead Island storyline, though his identity has been confusing everyone. That is because the researcher has produced different additional bodies that identify as Vegapunk. Luckily for fans who have discovered Vegapunk’s real identity, they have also learned more about the way these “satellites” fit in his persona.

Vegapunk, at last, makes his debut appearance in manga chapter 1061, very much to the dismay of readers who believe the researcher is an older man. The greatest scientist on One Piece is Vegapunk. Initially, a part of a collective of genius scientists referred to as MADS (before it had been disbanded by the World Government), Vegapunk went to work with the powerful One Piece business.

As soon as chapter 433, though, manga fans just know Vegapunk through his inventions. Some of his inventions include One Piece’s Pacifista cyborgs, the Seastone component which negates Devil Fruit capabilities, along other lethal weapons that work to keep the World Government in power.

There Are Seven Different Vegapunks!

Since Lady Vegapunk made her debut as a real person, many fans assumed this might be either a clone or maybe a robot body based on the “Punk 02” label on her coat. One Piece Chapter 1062 verified the suspicion. Another Vegapunk who made its debut in front of Straw Hats is “Lilith,” among 6 systems the researchers constructed to enable him to monitor the amazing quantity of experiments he’s performing.

Every one of the 6 bodies carries a distinct quality; certainly, the 2 appearing in chapter 1062 themselves exhibit totally different personalities and behaviors. Lilith is “evil”. Atlas encounters Luffy, Jewelry Bonney, Chopper & Jinbe at Egghead Island, which is “wrath.”


What these 6 Vegapunks really are is still unclear. The information that CP0 gave after that chapter says the first Dr. Vegapunk split into 6 individuals. CP0 agent Kaku describes them as “Satellites,” suggesting that One Piece’s classic Vegapunk controls them remotely.

However, he also discloses that all are “also Dr. Vegapunks,” leaving another mystery open. Since then, it has become apparent that Vegapunk does not directly manage the Satellites, but they are clones who have altered their brains and embraced the scientist.

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