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One Piece Episode 1105: Why Did Stussy Betray CP0?

One Piece fans, are you guys ready for a major plot twist? *salutes* So, Stussy has finally shown her true colors by betraying her colleagues ruthlessly. In Episode 1105, everything was cleared and the reason behind her betrayal is SHOCKING! Let’s break down to uncover the secret motives of Stussy!

Kaku’s Plan to Wreck the Thousand Sunny

Fans had previously seen Kaku outside the Thousand Sunny. He aimed to wreck the ship so the Straw Hats would stay stuck on the island. With no Zoro on the deck to stop this, Kaku’s Rankyaku could have made short work of the ship. The two have previously clashed in Enies Lobby so they had some expectations from each other.

Kaku utilized his Devil Fruit Awakening without wasting any time. As Kaku consumed the Devil Fruit in the Enie Lobby arc, it was no surprise to see him take over its power. With this particular form, Kaku got stronger physically which even made Zoro anxious.

Kaku was fast in his strikes and Zoro, the swordsman was in severe trouble. Fortunately for Zoro, holding his own sword was not too hard. However, when the Seraphim appeared things went south. 

They were entirely under the command of CP0 members, and could simply order them to kill their opponents. However, the Cipher Pol personnel had been in for a shock.

Stussy Shows Her Real Colors

Stussy attacks Kakuta! Just as it appeared things were under control for CP0, Stussy unleashed her true colors. As Kaku stayed in his changed state, Stussy bit his neck using her fangs. Kaku didn’t count on Stussy to deceive them and couldn’t protect himself against the assault.

Rob Lucci observed what took place before his very eyes and was angered. But Lucci was another threat, Stussy couldn’t dally long. So, she went after him next. Lucci attempted but eventually could not prevent Stussy from knocking him out there.

The Consequences of Stussy’s Actions

Stussy’s actions had some consequences. She proved to be an enemy of the World Government through her lies. That organization will never forgive her for compromising such a crucial cause. The World Government will send its finest assassins after her and also ensure she pays for her revenge.

And it will impact how the company treats Dr. Vegapunk. The 5 Elders won’t stand by quietly while CP0 doesn’t complete the mission. They’ll make a decision to make certain that the scientist is removed.

So, Why did Stussy Betray CP0?

With time on One Piece Episode 1105, Stussy became one of the most powerful agents of the police department CP0. But she was actually a spy from the beginning. She planned to betray CP0 associates at the proper time. This had been their moment of command – to kill Vegapunk – whom Stussy truly did like. When Vegapunk had been sent to kill her, she was ready to fight her CP0 team buddies to save him.

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