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One Piece Chapter 1115 SPOILERS: What we know so far

Hold on tight, One Piece fans! Chapter 1115 is gearing up to be a wild, thrilling adventure. Steel yourselves to uncover jaw-dropping secrets about the mysterious Void Century and the cryptic persona, Joy Boy. Buckle those seatbelts, because this installment will surely leave you hungering for more!

Joy Boy’s Pivotal Role Unveiled

The spotlight falls on Joy Boy, the legendary figure who wielded the same Devil Fruit powers as Luffy. Vegapunk’s broadcast will shed light on Joy Boy’s pivotal role during the Void Century, unveiling his actions and the epic battle he waged against the World Government. Brace yourselves for surprising disclosures about the world’s first pirate!

The Ancient Kingdom’s Identity Revealed?

For centuries, the identity of the Ancient Kingdom has remained a mystery, known only to the historians of Ohara. With Vegapunk’s access to their research, fans speculate that he might finally reveal the name of this enigmatic kingdom in this chapter or the next.

The Battle Against the 20 Kings

Joy Boy’s defiance against the 20 Kings who decimated the Ancient Kingdom will likely take center stage. Prepare to witness the grand clash between Joy Boy’s allies, including the Fishman race, and the forces that sought to upend the world’s order.

Straw Hats’ Daring Escape

While Vegapunk enlightens the world, the Straw Hats will continue their daring escape from Egghead Island. Witness Luffy’s relentless battle and the crew’s preparations for their high-stakes getaway, coupled with epic duels between other characters.

The Void Century Uncovered

Vegapunk’s revelations will delve deep into the mysteries of the Void Century, the 900-year period shrouded in enigma. Get ready to have your minds blown by revelations about the long-lost occurrences of this enigmatic period, unveiling secrets of the world’s veiled past.


One Piece Chapter 1115 will be a very important chapter. It will have many surprising reveals, stories about myths and legends, and continue the Egghead Island story. If you are a big One Piece manga fan, you should mark the date and get ready to really get into this exciting chapter.

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