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NRG Hints at the Return of FNS and s0m to Their Roster – Valorant News

Two of the biggest Valorant streamers, FNS and s0m, have hinted at a return to competitive play. Just a month ago, both FNS and s0m were drawing tens of thousands of viewers by hosting VCT watch parties. The amount of money they made during that time almost confirmed that they were going full-time into streaming. Now, rumors suggest that both FNS and s0m are returning to NRG’s main Valorant roster. Keep reading to learn more about what’s happening with NRG and the players who might leave.

Marved Benched by NRG for the Remaining Valorant Competitive Matches

NRG has officially benched Marved after a disappointing set of matches. He played the controller role on the team, and s0m will probably take his spot. While Marved was a key part of the OG OpTic lineup, he struggled to create any impact in the current NRG lineup. Whether he waits for his chance to re-enter the starting lineup is yet to be determined. He has not yet posted the “LFT” status on any platform and might be running down his current contract. Either way, Marved was the first confirmed change in the new roster.

Is Demon1 Also Confirmed to Leave NRG This Season?

Demon1 has been struggling this season with his new Valorant team. He went from winning the championship and becoming the MVP of the tournament to starting fresh with a new team. While he contributed as a duelist, many say he was not able to perform at his peak in this new lineup. Either way, NRG has confirmed that Demon1 will no longer be in the starting lineup and has named him the 6th man of the team. Demon1 will be streaming regularly and is also looking to compete. Whether it is with NRG in the future or with a new team, only time will tell.

Is Pujan (FNS) the Real Missing Piece to the Puzzle?

FNS has managed to qualify for every LAN tournament he’s participated in. OpTic had a slow start in competitive Valorant, but once they gained momentum, they became the most consistent team from NA. Many still claim that FNS is the best IGL that both Valorant and Counter-Strike have ever seen. He has managed to win a Masters title in both games and is known for making the best mid-round calls.

While NRG had a ton of firepower, the past few months showed that they needed an IGL urgently. In the previous lineup, Marved, Ethan, and crashies were all equally involved in making mid-round calls. This strategy of having a situational “IGL” is common among many teams. Unfortunately for NRG, this approach did not work, and things seemed off during their matches.

Including FNS in the roster brings a ton of IGL experience back to NRG. Known for playing a sentinel role, FNS can focus on the game without worrying about stats. At the same time, when push comes to shove, FNS is known for his composure and clutching important rounds. Hopefully, these roster changes will lift NRG to a better position and help them qualify for the upcoming LAN events.

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