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NRG Choke Their Biggest Match of the Season Yet Again – Valorant VCT News

Valorant VCT matches have reached the most exciting stages of the year. NRG and C9 fought for a place in the playoffs, and the match went to overtime. All eyes were on FNS and Som as they returned to pro play this past month. After streaming for almost a year, both players took a break from streaming. NRG was in a pole position to win, but things took a turn for the worse. Read more about this heavyweight battle and how it unfolded in the post below.

NRG VS C9 : VCT Americas Stage

In North America, last night’s story was significant for NRG. They could not afford to lose this one, as a loss meant no playoffs, no LCQ, and no World Championship qualification. When FNS and Som joined, the question was whether this move, planned by the coaching staff, would consolidate the team. Although this version with FNS and Som might have been more consistent domestically, the previous version with Demon1 and Marved had more talent and potential to win international events.

Marved, clearly unhappy with being dropped, seemed to be hoping NRG would not win, proving his worth. Zellsis was also watching with interest due to previous beef with FNS. The game went down to the wire. NRG dominated the first map but got pegged back on the second. On the third map, they took advantage of their opportunities, with phenomenal clutches from Ethan and standout plays despite the overall disappointing results this year.

The VCT Clutch Moments & NRG’s 12-5 Throw

Ethan showcased his skills with a phenomenal one-versus-three clutch. In game two on Icebox, S was outside the Viper Pit, defusing in a one-versus-three scenario, showing how close these matches were. Despite leading 12-5 and having seven opportunities to close out before overtime, NRG could not capitalize and lost in overtime. Cloud9’s comeback to win nine rounds in a row was devastating for NRG.

VCT Playoff Implications

The loss meant NRG’s playoff chances are over. Their year is done. Bringing FNS back midseason was a tall order. Despite doing a job, it wasn’t good enough. FNS ending NRG’s season is poetic, given his back-and-forth with Zellsis. The future of Chad, the coach, is uncertain as rumors suggest he might return to Counter-Strike. The team initially seemed like a super team but struggled to fit into the right system, leading to these disappointing results.

The standings now show five qualified teams: LEV, SEN, G2, Cloud9, and KRÜ. The series between 100T and EG will decide the final playoff spot, making it a crucial match. The playoffs will be a defining moment for these teams, with everything on the line as they aim for the World Championship.

FNS has been in a tight spot after being called out for his subpar performance. Som, at the same time, had his clutch moment in the game, which included a 1v3 clutch on Icebox. However, it looks like NRG will make changes again, and FNS will most likely leave the roster. With the likes of Marved and Demon1 on the bench, it’s really interesting to see what the NRG future roster will look like. For now, no official tournaments are scheduled for NRG, so it might be a while until we hear anything from them.

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