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New Player SBCs and Player Pick SBCs – EA FC 24 End Game Guide

The most sought-after Live cards from Euro and Copa America 2024 have exited packs, including Path to Glory, Greats of the Game icons, and heroes. However, today presents a renewed opportunity to acquire some of these player through a specific Squad Building Challenge (SBC). The market for fodder is also experiencing major fluctuations, with prices soaring in some areas and potentially dropping in others.

Recap of This Week’s Content

Yesterday featured several notable additions to EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, including player SBCs and upgrade packs that have reshaped the game’s dynamics.

Player SBCs

Two player SBCs were released, continuing the “Make Your Mark” Live cards series and introducing a flashback SBC for an American striker.

  • Make Your Mark SBC: Canadian center midfielder Steven was introduced, boasting impressive stats and unique play style boosts.
  • Flashback SBC: American striker Kristen Press was featured, offering five-star skills and a four-star weak foot.

Both SBCs provided affordable and niche cards tailored to specific player preferences.

Upgrade Packs

The highlight of the day was the introduction of two significant upgrade packs:

  • 84-Rated Time 10 SBC: Surprisingly cheaper than expected, requiring an 84-rated squad with a Team of the Season or Team of the Week player. This has led to increased demand and prices for Team of the Week and Team of the Season cards.
  • 85-Rated Time 7 SBC: Demanding an 85-rated squad with a Team of the Season player, offering a higher chance of premium card pulls.

Evolution of Nation-Specific Cards

EA introduced new Nation-specific Evolution cards, such as Stars and Stripes for the USA, aimed at enhancing national team players’ capabilities. While these cards cater to national affiliations, there is potential for further integration into gameplay through additional objectives, such as Rivals bonus objectives tied to using specific Evolution cards. Key players, such as Lukaku, received significant upgrades following recent match performances, influencing their Path to Glory card’s attractiveness.

Hero Player Pick Recap

Last week’s Hero Player Pick included several Hero cards, offering players a chance to add these unique items to their squads. The accessibility and affordability of these picks generated considerable interest among players. Today’s highlight is expected to be the Icon Player Pick, alternating with last week’s Hero Player Pick. The community eagerly awaits this opportunity to potentially pack some of the top-tier Icons available in FIFA Ultimate Team. There is speculation about which Icons EA might include in today’s player pool. Expectations are high for the inclusion of Greats of the Game Icons, given their current live status. Notable figures like Baggio, who has recently received upgrades, are particularly enticing for players seeking game-changing additions to their squads.

Market Speculations

The potential addition of Greats of the Game Icons into today’s Icon Player Pick could influence market dynamics. If today’s Icon Player Pick proves to be more expensive than usual, possibly exceeding 200,000 coins, it could indicate higher pack weights for these coveted cards. This speculation has already triggered fluctuations in the market, especially affecting the prices of high-rated fodder cards. Investors are advised to stock up on fodder cards, particularly those in the middle to high tiers. Yesterday’s store pack releases significantly impacted the market, driving down prices of 88-rated and 89-rated cards. This presents an moment for potential investment before market conditions shift again.

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