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NEW Mobile Legends Mage Hero, ZHUXIN: What we know so far

Mobile Legends fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Zhuxin, the new mage hero poised to change the battlefield. Here’s a compilation of what we know about Zhuxin from different sources.

Who is Zhuxin in Mobile Legends?

Known as the “Master of Magic,” Zhuxin is a new hero whose abilities and backstory are unique. According to details from the Mobile Legends Fandom page, Zhuxin is rumored to have ties to the mystical realms, wielding arcane powers that manipulate the very fabric of reality itself. In addition, her arrival means a new storyline will be introduced to the Mobile Legends universe, possibly intertwining with existing characters and plots.

Abilities and Gameplay Mechanics

OneEsports breaks down Zhuxin’s mechanics in more detail, highlighting her skill set focused on burst damage and crowd control. Her skills are built to fit in with team strategies, providing strategic depth for players seeking to master this mysterious mage. While GamingOnPhone delved into her abilities further, revealing that Zhuxin’s kit includes spells that can change the tide of battle in an instant – making her a powerful force in the right hands.

Here’s a breakdown of Zhuxin’s abilities: 

    • Passive: Zhuxin’s basic attacks and abilities charge up Cosmic Energy and give her next ability bonus effects. This passive forces players to time abilities for maximum impact.
    • Skill 1: This lets Zhuxin send a falling star to a target area and deal magic damage when it hits. It also creates a persistent cosmic field that slows enemies trapped inside, allowing for teamwork or retreats.
    • Skill 2: Zhuxin uses her magic to teleport short distances when faced by enemies or to change positions quickly during skirmishes. This mobility gives her escape routes and allows for aggressive play by catching opponents off guard.
    • Ultimate: Zhuxin uses her final ability to construct a cosmic prison at an address. Imprisoned enemies in the prison take constant magic damage and are dragged towards the center. This crowd control ability can break up enemy formations and swing the team fights in Zhuxin’s favor.

Release Date and Community Response

According to AFK Gaming, Zhuxin has already made waves on the advanced server as players have started to see her potential in competitive play. As Zhuxin’s release date fast approaches, Mobile Legends fans have flooded forums with theories and tactics based on her abilities. Early reviews indicate a mix of anticipation and curiosity as players look to add Zhuxin to their rotations.


Finally, Zhuxin’s launch is a landmark moment for Mobile Legends fans around the world. Her rich lore, diverse gameplay modes, and strategic depth should make Zhuxin a staple in casual matches and pro esports tournaments alike. Keep an eye out for more news as we get closer to Zhuxin’s release date and experience this new mage hero on the Mobile Legends battlefield.

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