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NA Continues to Dominate Valorant as 100 Thieves Eliminate Paper Rex : VCT Shanghai Recap

This past week has been about NA Valorant teams and their continued success in the latest Masters Shanghai. 100 Thieves have made it past Paper Rex, beating them in a deciding map and quite convincingly. While Paper Rex has managed to reach many finals, their lack of trophies is now being questioned by many. Also, Boostio seems to be having the time of his life while playing against Paper Rex, successfully defeating them in every internal fixture they’ve played.

NA NO.1? Paper Rex’s Disappointing Exit

The tournament saw the final four teams confirm their positions, with Paper Rex once again facing an early exit. Despite being a formidable contender on paper, Paper Rex’s performance failed to live up to expectations, constantly struggling in their gameplay against North American rosters. The defeat of Paper Rex by 100 Thieves showcases the importance of strategy and adaptability in high-level competitive matches. While Paper Rex did show confidence and chemistry, they failed to clutch crucial rounds, ultimately costing them the victory.

100 thieves emerged victorious in a end to end series, with Boostion leading the way. Despite Paper Rex’s strong start, 100 Thieves‘ tactics proved too much to handle, especially on Sunset.  The rise of North American teams, particularly 100 Thieves, remains evident throughout 2024. Their ability to recover from past failure and make crucial plays cements their strength in international competitions.

New Map and Showdown Match incoming on Sunday

Riot has officially confirmed the teams for the show match happening before the grand finals on Sunday. It will be played on a new map. Meanwhile, old maps like Pearl and Fracture are still no longer in rotation, while others like Breeze are also being phased out. There’s a debate whether to keep adding new maps or focus on improving existing ones, similar to legendary Counter-Strike maps like Overpass. Despite this, the addition of a new map brings back life to the Dead valorant Map pool. The show match on the new map will feature Team China versus Team International. Notable players like MasaYoshi and DanK1ng will be participating, while Mixwell and other players with be lining up for Team International.

In the latest updates from the VCT Shanghai, NA Valorant teams dominate the competition. Paper Rex, not Paperworks, faces tough challenges, but the NA teams, including G2, make it to the top four. Despite the absence of some monster teams region like NRG, the North American representation remains strong. Heretics advance to the top four adds to the excitement, with BenjiFishy showcasing impressive gameplay.

The tournament favorites, GenG, are in the form of thjeir lives after defeating top teams like Fnatic and 100 Thieves. However, doubts linger about their chances against the remaining competition. With Paper Rex out, the possibility of two Pacific teams making it to the top four is no more. All in all, all eyes are on NA. Like the saying goes, “Is Boostio NS’s chosen one?” With the likes of NRG revamping their roster with FNS and SOM, this might be the perfect moment for 100 Thieves to claim the top spot. 2024 started with Sentinels winning the tournament. Is 100T going to keep carrying the “NA” pride for Master Shanghai? We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out.



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