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MSI 2024: G2 Hans Sama Is Been Getting Death Threats After Loss Against T1

Welcome to the dark side of Esports! Did you know that the Pro League of Legends player from G2 Esports, Hans Sama, lost a big match? He’s been receiving death threats from the fans ever since. The League of Legends community however is angered, It’s not the very first time that something like this happened, let’s dive into the details of this shocking news!

Who is Hans Sama?

Hans Sama, also known as Steven Liv, is a 24-year-old professional League of Legends player from Paris, France. He plays as the starting AD carry (bot laner) for G2 Esports, one of Europe’s top teams. Hans Sama began his esports journey at a young age, achieving the highest Challenger rank in League of Legends by the age of 14.

Known for his exceptional skill on champions like Draven, he turned pro in 2016 with Millenium before joining Mists Gaming. With over 1,500 career kills in Europe’s top league, Hans Sama is now a veteran star leading G2 Esports towards playoff success.

Hans Sama’s Struggles After MSI Loss

It is not uncommon for fans to get disappointed when their teams lose a game. However sometimes stress can get out of control and destroy gamers’ lives. And so is the case with G2 Esports LoL player, “Hans Sama”. He’s been dealing with a lot of death threats lately. These threats came after a best-of-five series defeat against the T1 club in the 2024 Mid Season Invitational last week.

Details on the Death Threats

The source of this news was G2 supervisor, Romain Bigeard, who disclosed in a chat that series star Hans Sama had received death threats. Although criticizing players for not doing good as they might possibly have imagined. This may be common among LoL fans but death threats are extremely rare.

Soon afterwards, the larger LoL community responded to the threats, with numerous fans stating that there is a line not to be crossed. In a Reddit post, people labeled stalkers of Hans Sama “disgusting as well as shitty,” and then demanded prompt action against them.

Sadly Not An Isolated Incident

Although fans have the right to attack professional players in standard sports & esports, death threats shouldn’t be delivered to them. However, risks to League players are not as unusual as you may think.

For example, a chef in Chengdu, China, recently stated that he might poison the T1 League staff, even though they dined at his restaurant. Many players are wondering how frequently such incidents occur after the Reddit post discussing the event closed.

Calls For Better Player Protection

This kind of incidents raise the essential question of how pros and players in this market is able to protect themselves from this kind of threats. Additionally they brought forward the discussion about what support systems will be in position to lessen the psychological toll that results out of these circumstances.

Several League of Legends fans appear to agree that anybody attacking anybody should go through some severe penalties. Luckily for Hans Sama the risks don’t seem to have impacted his naturally competitive performance. He’s since created an incredible return as well as on May fourteen he led G2 to a 3 0 clean sweep versus TOP Esports.


Indeed, G2 Hans Sama received some serious death threats online after his team lost a competition. This makes some individuals in the League of Legends community furious and want it to end. It is not the first time and they would like everybody to be kind to one another online. Do let us know your opinions about these death threats in the comments down below.

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