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Monster Hunter Stories Remastered Review – What’s Changed?

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Excited to revisit the world of Monster Hunter Stories? We have the remastered version of the RPG on the market – with stunning brand new graphics, powerful voice acting and a heap of changes which breathe brand new life into this traditional RPG. We need to see what is changed and exactly why this remastered version is a must play.

What is Monster Hunter Story?

Monster Hunter Stories is a series reincarnation of the famous Monster Hunter series and it is usually related to hunting and action-packed play. But this one switches things up a bit and is more role-playing – based. Players become Riders who befriend and raise monsters called Monsties instead of hunting them down. It’s about discovering a diverse world, relating to other creatures, and escaping to defend their home from imminent danger.

Introduction to the World of Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories immerses players in a world where Hunters and Riders coexist with fearsome monsters. Hunters aim to capture or slay these creatures, while Riders form bonds with them, using kinship stones to train them as allies called Monsties. The protagonist, a young aspiring Rider, embarks on a journey with friends Cheval and Lilia. Their idyllic life is disrupted by a monster possessed by the Black Blight, leading to a quest to thwart this evil force.

Gameplay Mechanics

The game features turn-based battles where players control the protagonist, while Monsties act independently. Battles employ a rock-paper-scissors system with power, speed, and technical attacks, adding a strategic layer. Players can sync their attacks with Monsties for powerful double attacks. However, the battle system can become repetitive, and AI-controlled Monsties may occasionally make suboptimal choices, prolonging fights.

Exploration and Content

The game offers a vast world filled with items, hostile monsters, and monster dens where players can find eggs to hatch new Monsties. With over 20 hours of main story content and numerous side quests, players have plenty to explore. The remaster also includes post-game content for those seeking further challenges. Fast-travel options and strategic use of Monsties’ unique abilities enhance the exploration experience.

Visuals and Sound

Visually, Monster Hunter Stories is incredible, with detailed, vibrant monsters and varied environments. The graphical improvements and voice acting in the remaster flesh out the characters and the story. While the music and sound effects are good, they may not be particularly memorable.


Monster Hunter Stories’ remaster succeeds in reaching a new audience with its heartfelt story and fun gameplay. It may have some tedious battle mechanics but its world and characters are charming enough to make it worth playing for both Shogun fans and RPG fans alike.

  • Stunning new graphics and visual improvements
  • Addition of voice acting, enhancing character depth
  • Strategic turn-based battle system
  • Battle system can become repetitive
  • AI-controlled Monsties sometimes make suboptimal choices
  • Music and sound effects, while good, are not particularly memorable
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