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Metallica Takes Over Fortnite : All you need to know about the Metallica Update

Epic has rolled out the biggest update for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, called the “Metallica” update. Players can now spot a new Metallica bundle and a new icon skin in the item shop. Chaos levels have certainly increased, but Epic has added new items to balance the meta. We’ll have to wait a couple of days to see how much of the chaos can be controlled. Season 3 includes mythic guitars, new modes, and much more. We’ll cover as much as we can about the new update and the changes you can see once you jump straight out of the battle bus.

Metallica’s New Mythic Lightning Guitar & The Hook Canon In Fortnite

One of the most notable additions is the new Mythic item, a lightning guitar. When you play this instrument, it launches you into the air, leaving behind a trail of lightning that your teammates can use. This unique mobility item allows you to crash land straight into enemies, making it a game-changer for team strategies.The update has also surprised players with a new weapon: the tow hook cannon. This grappling hook can attach to moving vehicles, allowing players to surf around the map. In emergencies, it can deal 100 damage to enemies and walls, making it a versatile addition to your arsenal.

Metallica Takes Over Fortnite & Teases the Next Major Collaboration

Metallica has entered Fortnite with a festival season pass that includes the entire band, from James Hetfield to Lars Ulrich. The pass offers two emotes themed around their music and numerous jam tracks. Additionally, Metallica will perform a live concert in Fortnite on June 22nd at 2 p.m. Eastern, replicating their M72 World Tour stage. Fans have discovered a futuristic object on the outskirts of Reckless Railways. This object is a Rift Beacon, similar to those from Chapter 2, which brought in locations like Gotham City and Stark Industries. Its presence hints at the return of Marvel content in August, marking the beginning of a new Marvel Season.Loot Island has been completely redesigned as a stage for Metallica, featuring a Mythic lightning guitar as a reward for capturing it. Visiting the cave on the island rewards players with 10,000 XP and a memorial tribute to Cliff Burton, Metallica’s original bassist.

A new point of interest (POI) has been added to the center of the map, hinting at the next major collaboration. This outpost features a sinking pirate ship, reminiscent of scenes from “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Challenges referencing black flags and distant ships confirm that Jack Sparrow will be joining Fortnite in July. Starting June 17th, players can unlock a Fall Guys Bean as a back bling. Additionally, the update has introduced Big Yeetus as a pickaxe. This is just a taste of the full Fall Guys crossover, with more content expected soon.

Nick Eh 30 Joins the Icon Series

After a long wait, Nick Eh 30 has finally joined the Icon Series. His set is packed with details, including a reactive pickaxe and back bling that changes based on your health. Nick’s Crown emote, when used with his outfit, says “King A30,” adding a personal touch that fans will love.

EMPs To the Rescue!

Since the beginning of Season 3, players have sought a solution to the vehicle meta. Epic Games has responded by replacing Boogie Bombs with EMPs, which disable cars and bring balance back to the game. The update also introduces a heavy impact sniper rifle, capable of one-shotting builds and players, and the return of the combat AR in all rarities.

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