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Magneto Enters Fortnite Yet Again – Fortnite Patch Update

Magneto has made his way into Fortnite in Chapter 5, Season 3. Amidst the Mad Max promotion, Epic has managed to introduce more items that deal with the overpowered, broken car and truck meta. No other real items besides the new Magneto gloves, named “Magneto Powers,” were added to the game in this update. This update mainly focused on a ton of hotfixes to the glitches that existed in the game. Meanwhile, here’s everything you need to know about Magneto’s power.

Fortnite’s New Magneto Power

The Magneto Power gloves has two modes: attack and shield block. The attack mode throws balls of scrap metal at opponents, dealing 95 damage to players and 400 damage to vehicles. The first attack starts slowly due to an animation, but subsequent attacks can be spammed fairly quickly. This item has unlimited ammo, with each shot going on cooldown for 8 seconds, allowing for five total shots before needing 40 seconds to fully recharge. The attack deals significant damage and has an area of effect, making it easier to use without perfect aim. While using the attack in the air, a hover effect is triggered, providing an advantage by allowing for attacks from above.

Features and Drawbacks

The Magneto mythic fortnite item allows hitting players inside vehicles, dealing 95 damage to the player and 400 to the vehicle. However, this feature appears inconsistent, sometimes working perfectly and other times failing to deal damage. When it works, it can be very effective, potentially destroying a car and significantly weakening the player inside. The shield block mode can block 400 damage before breaking and can knock back cars that attempt to run over the player. While this block is useful, the main benefit of this weapon is its quick elimination capability. Using mobility items like gloves or shockwaves to get airborne and attack from the sky is the most effective strategy.

Dealing with the Magneto Item

Facing opponents using the Magneto item can be challenging. The best approach is to avoid direct confrontation and try to reposition. Engaging in a damage trade is unlikely to be successful unless the opponent is already weak. Getting them to waste shots is helpful, but overall, this item presents a frustrating challenge. Over time, it may become a rough item to play against, causing dissatisfaction among players.

Additional Update Details

The bunker outside Grand Glacier has also opened up, but it contains minimal loot, with only shotgun shells found during one landing. The area can spawn three chests, but their spawn rate is random, making it an unreliable drop spot. This seems more like an Easter egg for X-Men/Magneto fans than a practical Fortnite  location. Finally, the Metallica-themed island from the fourth zone is gone, reverting to the default Chapter 5 island. The Mythic hand cannon still drops, but the layout has changed back. The rift guitar was vaulted, and the jam track items at POIs have been removed.

For now, Epic seems to be addressing a ton of overpowered items that have been quite literally broken since Season 3 launched. With new crossovers being introduced in Fortnite, slowly but surely, the game is shifting back to the weapon meta rather than the “run over your enemy” meta it’s currently centered on.


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