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La Liga TOTS has taken over EA FC 24 – Is this game still playable now?

Despite the recent controversies EA FC is going through, it seems that the content in it has just peaked. La Liga has taken over with about 10 active SBCs and new players in the pack. With the season coming to an end this week, everyone is bound to upgrade their teams easily. There are a ton of meta players from the La Liga TOTS packs. While the pack weight has been disappointing for many SBCs, there are new ones that are giving out TOTS players for really cheap value. Keep reading to learn more about which SBCs are trending and everything around them.

89 Player Exchange – First step to unlocking EA FC La Liga TOTS players

As of now, in the exchange tab, there are options to exchange a high-value player in return for gold players. This is where the heart of the EA FC trading market is right now. Players can claim up to 51 gold players in return for an 89+ rated player. Because of this SBC, 89 rated players are now at 21,000 coins, one of the highest prices for many players in recent months. It’s funny because not many players are aware that 90 rated players are going for 15,000 coins, which is way more value than what 89 rated players are at.

Players who don’t have an 89 rated player to spare can straight up buy an 89+ rated player to complete this SBC. Use these players for the exchange SBC to collect the 51 gold players. From here, multiple options are available depending on the players received. Ideally, the 82+ rated player pick is the best option to grind right now. This SBC requires 8 gold players, with 2 of them being “rare.” Apart from the 82+ SBC, the TOTS crafting upgrade also provides a decent return in the form of 5×77+ rated gold players that are guaranteed to be gold. Don’t let the number fool you, though; both these SBCs have been giving out TOTS players. On average, many have confirmed that one in 20 of the 82+ rated player picks always gives a TOTS player at some point.

Watch Out for La Liga TOTS Evolutions!

The past week focused on Bundesliga and Premier League evolutions. Evolutions is still an aspect many players miss out on. While completing the gold SBCs, try to keep the La Liga players in the club. When the Premier League and Bundesliga evolutions were live, many players missed out on overpowered players because they used them all in SBCs. Players like Kingsley Coman literally went extinct overnight. Kingsley Coman could be upgraded to a 93 overall rated player with 96 overall pace. Goretzka was another similar player whose stats were boosted to elite numbers after completing the evolution.

We still do not have an update on which players will fit the evolution. Hence, ensure to save as many La Liga players that are unpacked this week. I suggest completing the Premium LL and LF SBCs to stock up on potential players that would fit into the SBCs.

What’s the State of EA FC 24 Now?

The whole of last week was a disaster for EA. Many streamers quit the game and recommended players do the same until changes were made. While the concerns are legitimate, EA has been rolling out evolutions and SBCs that have more value since the fiasco. The game servers are still facing downtime issues, and match rewards have been at an all-time low. This technical aspect of EA FC 24 is something EA will fix soon. The gameplay rewards still need a lot of work as EA still seems to be pushing a ton of overpriced player packs within the in-game store.

In short, players who have been on the menu grind have a ton of options to upgrade every position in the team. The gameplay aspect, along with the match rewards and server issues, still need a lot of work.

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